Feb 062009

how_to_win_friends_and_influence_peopleDale Carnegie’s classic book

How To Win Friends & Influence People has changed tens of thousands of lives. It is one of the most influencial personal development books of all time, and one of the reasons is because it gives sound and practical examples rather than spiritual theories.

We are big fans of this book, and this post basically serves as a recommendation. But rather than write a review or a summary we thought wed include some information on the “key” to wining friends and influencing people..

There are 3 main themese which come up again and again throughout various chapters of this book, and here they are:

1. Never criticize, condemn or complain:

o Self-criticism is extremely rare. Your criticism won’t be welcome.
o Criticism makes others defensive and resentful.

This theme appears over and over, so whenever possible use “positive reinforcement” i.e. instead of complaining about something show someone how they can improve without criticising at all – or if you can’t do that then just leave it – there is no point in ever criticising, it creates resentment and people will defend themselves at all costs

2. Make the other person feel important:
o People yearn to feel important and appreciated.
o Praise others’ strengths and they’ll strive to reinforce your opinion.

This is “the key to the key” – the key to getting someone to like you, or do what you want, or winning to your way of thinking is to make them feel important – highlight their skills and give them HONEST praise for what they do well – this is the need we all strive for but rarely receive – if you can make someone feel important you will be doing something for them which they may not every of expereinced before

3. Frame requests in terms of what others find motivating:

Alwas ask yourself: “Why would someone want to do what I’m asking?” – don’t try and show your point of view, but show them why it will benefit them to do the task – even small benefits are better than none – if you live with this principle you will find people doing much more for you and listening to you much more frequently.

If you can master these three themes you will go very far – but don’t stop there – Get the book and read it all – they say that if you can read and master How to Win Friends and Influence People then you can achieve any goal you set your mind on!

Feb 042009


Recently we launched some new subliminal cds.

One of the most popular of these new titles was the Think Big CD , however it has also been getting a few questions asked about it so here I will hopefully explain a little deeper about how it works.

Firstly here are just some of the affirmations we use on this album:

  • I always think big
  • I always push my plans to the upper limits
  • My drive, and motivation are constantly increasing
  • I will achieve massive levels success
  • I am extremely hungry for success

As you can see the affirmations are quite general, and this is the question we have been getting: “Is this album meant for social success, and personal development, or more of a business success album?”

Well it is both – and more. We wanted to keep it general, so nowhere do we mention specifically business success, relationship success, sports success, or any other personal goals. This album is meant to turbo charge your determination and your motivation – but most of all get you thinking big no matter what your goals are – it will make you strive for massive success and push beyond the boundries which currently hold you back.

For example:

  • Instead of wanting to make a profitable business you will start planning bigger, aiming to be the market leader, the most innovative, dynamic company in your market, and the most profitable.
  • Instead of hoping for good results / times in upcoming sporting events you will aim for the win, to set new records, to smash your personal best – second place will no longer be good enough for you.
  • No longer will you hope to meet a girl at a party – you will want to be the centre of attention and step up and become more outgoing to have the choice of girls!

Basically whatever your goal, our new think big album will implant suggestions into your mind to help you magnify it so you will achieve so much more.