Sep 052011

Are you the type of person who cares too much for others?  Are you always worried about how people will think about you?  Does it bother you when other people ignore your own opinion? Do you always find yourself trying to work out how other people will feel after making a decision? Caring to much what might other people think is one of the biggest  obstructions one can endure.

Needless to say, we need other people to survive,  we need them to feel we are alive.  But if we care too much  and value what might they think, we are open for manipulation.  With this kind of attitude, you can be easily influenced by others, and tend to just go along with everyone else.  Whether it is a job you’re applying to, an apartment in the city you’re eyeing, a hobby or sport you want to be involved, or just the simple little black dress you’ll be wearing.  Caring more for other people’s opinion than with yourself makes you confine in a world full of dishonesty and pretentions.

Remember that you are who you are, you have your own individuality and identity.  If you want to regain your independence and self confidence, then you need to redirect yourself.  You need to start living your life behind their shadows and you need to stop caring less what others think.  Ignore them saying on how you should be handling your life – your life and decisions are solely up to you.

So what would you do in order to win against the battle of caring less for other people’s judgement?  There are available methods that will able to help you conquer your dilemma.  Like the Hypnosis audio MP3s –  a powerful hypnotic propositions and affirmations that you will listen to.   Listening to it will enable you to stop worrying and caring so much what other people think and say without even having to consciously think about it.