May 272009

We recently released a new album in our addictions range to help treat alcohol addiction. This is an album we had a lot of requests about but wanted to get it right before creating it. We used the knowledge we have gained over the last 2 years of making subliminal cds to create a product which we were happy with – especially considering the sensitive nature of the album.

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem and is something that will ruin your life if you let it get out of control. It will deplete your bank account, alienate your family, destroy your career, and have disasterous consequences on your marriage and home life. If this is something you want to avoid and gain freedom from then read on and we will explain how our album works:

As with all subliminal messaging albums, it is not a miracle cure, and it is not 100% guaranteed to work. It will have different results for different people based on the following 3 factors:

  • The difference in peoples minds and the way they are “wired”
  • The extent of their alcohol problem.
  • Whether they actually really want to change and overcome their problem or not.

The main factor is whether the person actually wants the change. Just like hypnosis you have to actually want the change. Ultimately you are in control of your own mind.

If you are serious about overcoming your alcohol addiction then the subliminal album will support you in several ways, it will:

  • Develop your willpower and ensure you stay 100% committed to overcoming your addiction.
  • Reduce your desire for alcohol and lessen your “cravings”.
  • Help you when you feel tempted – you can play the album and get instant relief.
  • Change your whole attitude towards alcohol.

The album isn’t a miracle cure, but it basically gives you support and an extra helping hand. If you consciously want to quit alcohol then the album will ensure your subconscious mind agrees – that it is 100% behind you and there are no deep held limiting beliefs that might hold you back.

Check out the brand new alcoholism addiction treatment album today.

May 252009

A compulsive shopping addiction can lead to a serious obsession and can be just as bad as alcohol or drug addictions in the worst case scenario. Compulsive shoppers tend to buy both things they want and don’t want, whether they can afford it or not, have trouble saving money and buy things to cheer up or reward themselves. However, there are many ways to cure this, some of which are listed below:

  • The first step is never to buy anything spontaneously. If you just go out with a shopping list of essential items and do not buy anything else other than what is on that. Other possible options are that if you see something you really want, wait at least 24 hours and review whether you really need it before you buy it.
  • Stay away from internet shopping sites or shopping channels. It is extremely tempting just to buy something as it is cheap or a bargain, even if we don’t actually seem to need it. However, if you really do need something from the internet, only search for the one item in order to avoid temptation for spending.
  • Substitute shopping for another fulfilling activity. This, of course depends on the type of person you are. Many people find that good alternatives are exercise, calling or meeting friends, taking a bath, doing something creative or even volunteer work.
  • For a more serious compulsive shopping addiction antidepressants and other similar drugs can be prescribed. A professional evaluation of the disorder may also result in group therapy, individual counselling and psychotherapy.

Subliminal messaging can also help cure a compulsive shopping addiction. This works by aligning the subconscious mind through the use of subliminal messages. These messages make the listener less likely to feel the need to shop and spend money needlessly and help you to become a sensible shopper without your impulses and compulsions controling you. If this applies to you why not try the brand new Real Subliminal shopping addiction treatment subliminal CD.

May 212009


There are many anti-aging techniques and ‘miracle products’ that claim to make your skin look younger. There are many questions raised by these, such as ‘Is it really possible to make skin look younger?’ and if so ‘Which products are best?’ There are some products on the market which, when tested do seem to work, many of which seem to contain a few similar ingredients.

However, anti-aging creams, lotions etc can be very expensive. Many foods contain the same useful ingredients as these have in at a much cheaper price. The intake of these vital vitamins and minerals is also better as if consumed, they are already in your body and you do not have to rely on absorption by the skin. The most effective nutrients found in food seem to be:

  • Antioxidants. These are scientifically proven to increase the neutralization of free radicals (or highly reactive ions) which are very age-related in the body. Antioxidants can be found in dark coloured fruit and vegetable such as carrots, tomatoes and spinach and also blue coloured berries such as blackcurrants.
  • Monounsaturated fats or (HDLPs). High Density Lipoproteins are extremely effective for the reduction of cholesterol in the body. Once in the bloodstream they collect excess cholesterol from cells and take it back to the liver to be broken down. Avocados are very high in monounsaturates and are also a brilliant source of vitamin E and potassium. Any foods containing complex carbohydrates can improve cholesterol, such as wholemeal pasta and rice.
  • Water. Drinking two litres a day is the one of the best anti-aging techniques, if not actually the best around as it removes toxins and waste material from our bodies so they do not affect skin or the aging process. The more water we drink the more our skin is hydrated and renewed, resulting in glowing, younger looking skin.

This article was written by Real Subliminal. Why not the the anti aging subliminal cd? It works by aligning the subconscious mind with conscious goals of keeping you young in mind and body. Not only will it make you feel younger in spirit, but it will use the power of your mind to direct your body’s resources more efficiently to keep you looking young too.

May 172009

Silent subliminals are the newest trend in subliminal messaging – that is for personal development and self help.

Regular subliminal messaging albums typically contain relaxing nature sounds with hidden subliminal messages behind them. These messages enter your brain without you noticing, or any conscious effort required. They can develop areas of your personality where you hold negative self beliefs and replace these thoughts for positive ones.

In the last 5-10 years subliminal messaging has really grown in popularity. And this new trend for silent subliminal messages is market driven. Often people use the albums at home while relaxing. However because a deep trance like state is not required as it is with hypnosis you can use them while exercising, working, or doing your homework for example.

The idea behind the silent track takes this one step further. People wanted to take their subliminal messages with them everywhere, but sometimes it just isn’t practical to be listening to ocean sounds or nature music. If the track is completely silent it can be played continuously. It can be played in the office, while cycling to work, and is very effective while sleeping if you are someone who likes a quiet atmosphere.

Now here is an explanation of the technical side and how they are made, and how they are different from regular subliminal tracks:

The whole track is basically completely silent. It  does not contain any relaxing sounds. However it still has the same subliminal messages which the regular tracks would. You might bas asking how is this possible, but it is really simple. The track is made in exactly the same way – the subliminal messages are recorded and moved to a higher sound frequency. However, instead of merging these messages with a backing track of relaxing music the music simply isn’t added.

All of our albums come with a silent track. There are 4 tracks in total and the 4th one contains the “silent subliminals“. It contains some of the key subliminal messages from across the first 3 tracks – but not all of them. So effectively the whole album is contained within the first 3 tracks, and we do still recommend listening to the whole album to get the entire intended benefit. The 4th track is simply a bonus.

May 112009
Nerve cells in your brain

Nerve cells in your brain

Subliminal messages seems to be the new Internet buzzword at the minute. This refers to the practice of using subliminal power for personal development – To rewire your mind; remove limiting beliefs and expel negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and life enhancing self beliefs.

Everything starts in your mind. Your mind shapes the way you see the world, from how you interact with other people, to your levels of confidence, motivation, and drive. Here is a quote from Henry Ford – the founder of the Ford motor company:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

This refers to a self fulfilling prophecy, between your mind, confidence and beliefs and what will happen in reality. For example if you think your crush will laugh at you if you ask them out then your body language will reflect this, you will appear nervous and unconfident.

These are not attractive qualities, so your crush probably will reject you…. But what would happen if you believed that they would say yes, if you felt you deserved to be with your crush, and could even visualise the two of you together. You be more confident, smile more, and relax around them, and this would lead to a much better reaction.


How Can Subliminal Power Help?

Not just in a situation of asking your crush on a date, but in almost any situation where you have a lack of confidence, or even a deeper fear about an activity. Subliminal messages will help you become more confident, self assured, comfortable in your own skin.

In fact they can do much more – they can help with phobias, improve health conditions, boost your sports performance, help your ability to learn… the list is endless!

These subliminal power messages work by sending positive statements into your mind in a focused way. So if you have confidence problems then the messages would all be positively related to how confident you are, and feel. It may sound simple, but these messages will enter your mind without your knowledge (hence why they are subliminal – you will never hear them).

Your mind can not contradict itself, it can not believe in two opposites at the same time. So if you have negative beliefs about your confidence it will be your reality – you will be an unconfident person.

However with the use of subliminal messaging cds or mp3s your mind will be flooded with positive statements and beliefs, and as they go directly into your subconscious mind your mind will start to believe them. And in time these beliefs will go stronger and spill over into your every day life, completely replacing your old limiting beliefs.

If you think you could benefit from subliminal messages then view our full range of subliminal cds and subliminal mp3s – the widest range online from the largest and most trusted subliminal company – Real Subliminal