May 252009

A compulsive shopping addiction can lead to a serious obsession and can be just as bad as alcohol or drug addictions in the worst case scenario. Compulsive shoppers tend to buy both things they want and don’t want, whether they can afford it or not, have trouble saving money and buy things to cheer up or reward themselves. However, there are many ways to cure this, some of which are listed below:

  • The first step is never to buy anything spontaneously. If you just go out with a shopping list of essential items and do not buy anything else other than what is on that. Other possible options are that if you see something you really want, wait at least 24 hours and review whether you really need it before you buy it.
  • Stay away from internet shopping sites or shopping channels. It is extremely tempting just to buy something as it is cheap or a bargain, even if we don’t actually seem to need it. However, if you really do need something from the internet, only search for the one item in order to avoid temptation for spending.
  • Substitute shopping for another fulfilling activity. This, of course depends on the type of person you are. Many people find that good alternatives are exercise, calling or meeting friends, taking a bath, doing something creative or even volunteer work.
  • For a more serious compulsive shopping addiction antidepressants and other similar drugs can be prescribed. A professional evaluation of the disorder may also result in group therapy, individual counselling and psychotherapy.

Subliminal messaging can also help cure a compulsive shopping addiction. This works by aligning the subconscious mind through the use of subliminal messages. These messages make the listener less likely to feel the need to shop and spend money needlessly and help you to become a sensible shopper without your impulses and compulsions controling you. If this applies to you why not try the brand new Real Subliminal shopping addiction treatment subliminal CD.