Nov 012011

Insomnia is a serious psychological disorder that is very hard to overcome, there are several prescription medications that you can take but as might already know, their risks often outweigh their benefits. A great alternative form of treatment is to listen to an insomnia hypnosis mp3 download. This is a very safe and highly effective form of self help that can cure you of insomnia through natural methods.

Self hypnosis is a very effective form of therapy, it uses subliminal messages to help you identify the causes of your insomnia so you can work on dislodging them from your system. Listening to this hypnosis audio mp3 will help you get to sleep and stay asleep for the night. It will then help you to unblock your mind from negative ideas that causes your insomnia. It will help you to gradually form a healthy sleep pattern that will enable you to sleep soundly and consistently.

Unlike prescription drugs, hypnosis is a very natural process that does not cause any harmful side effects. It cannot put foreign ideas inside your system nor can it forcibly rewire your mind in ways that run against your morals. It needs your permission before it can help you, you will need to want to change and accept the hypnotic suggestions in order for the process to work. The improvements that it can help you achieve are ones that are rooted deeply into your subconscious, which means it can help you to free yourself from insomnia for good.

Jul 192009

It has been over 2 months now since we released our new line of addiction treatment subliminal mp3s. They had a really positive response, and already we are getting some great feedback from them.

Here is the story of David from Florida who has allowed us to share his experience:

For more than 25 years I have been addicted to cocaine. I had one seven month clean period during all that time during which I was attending NA. I had tried everything possible to shed this addiction to no avail. Last May I decided to order a CD which used hypnosis as a means of cure, however, the lady was English and I had a hard time understanding her accent even though I can easily go into a hypnotic trance. She also suggested mind-out-of body experiences which is contrary to my religious beliefs. After doing some surfing on Ebay and on the Internet, I came across subliminal messaging and your web site.

Having nothing to lose, I ordered the subliminal album entitled “Cocaine Addiction Treatment” I convinced myself that this had to and would work. I own a limousine service and am on call 24/7, hence I take many naps. Every night I fall asleep while listening to this CD and also when I am napping at home. This is infinitely easier than trying to go into a hypnotic trance and the sounds are SO soothing that I would be happy to listen to it even if it did not work. Amazingly, I have 21 straight days clean now!!!!!

For me, this is unbelievable and using cocaine does not even enter my mind now. If it were free, and I spent tens of thousands of dollars, I would be uninterested. I no longer can remember the good part about using, only the bad.
(David F, Florida, USA)

It is important to note that this album does not work by magic. If you buy someone who enjoys their addiction and has no intention to stop this CD then they will likely not get much from it. It is intended for personal use – for people who are really serious about their cocaine addiction, and really want to overcome it. View our cocaine addiction treatment album here and make a positive change in your life today.

Jul 142009

Skin problems affect most of us at some point in our lives and can be distressing, embarrassing and leave us wondering how to get clear skin in a short amount of time. But whatever skin problem you may face, whether it is acne, dry skin or something similar, there is always a way of treatment, which is usually simpler than you may expect.

For dry skin, especially on the face, the use of soap must be cut out completely as it can strip skin of the essential moisture it needs. Instead, try using a mild cleanser which remove only oils and surface dirt and leave behind the necessary moisture. By doing this twice daily and applying moisturiser straight afterwards, as well as drinking the recommended amount of two litres of water daily, skin will soon be drastically replenished and healthy looking.

Occasional spots and blackheads can be removed with a simple daily skincare and cleansing ritual. By using a serum after washing on a morning, surface oil is removed and less is produced throughout the day, which minimises the amount of pores which become blocked leading to spots and imperfections. Weekly exfoliation can also help, especially with blackheads, by removing impurities from pores which are already blocked making it less likely to develop into a blemish.

However, if you are an acne sufferer and wonder how to get clear skin, the above techniques may not be as effective. It is usually best to seek medication from a doctor, which can seal skin without using a serum, as acne usually involves spots with infections. Also, washing the affected area up to six times a day with pure water can help remove surface bacteria without drying out skin.

Getting rid of skin problems involves a strict daily ritual which can be difficult to follow as it involves a lot of effort. Subliminal messaging can help with this as our specially designed natural acne treatment CD retrains your mind to stop spots at the source and help you drink enough water and eat the right foods for skin to reach its optimum. Most importantly, it will solve your question of how to get clear skin.

May 212009


There are many anti-aging techniques and ‘miracle products’ that claim to make your skin look younger. There are many questions raised by these, such as ‘Is it really possible to make skin look younger?’ and if so ‘Which products are best?’ There are some products on the market which, when tested do seem to work, many of which seem to contain a few similar ingredients.

However, anti-aging creams, lotions etc can be very expensive. Many foods contain the same useful ingredients as these have in at a much cheaper price. The intake of these vital vitamins and minerals is also better as if consumed, they are already in your body and you do not have to rely on absorption by the skin. The most effective nutrients found in food seem to be:

  • Antioxidants. These are scientifically proven to increase the neutralization of free radicals (or highly reactive ions) which are very age-related in the body. Antioxidants can be found in dark coloured fruit and vegetable such as carrots, tomatoes and spinach and also blue coloured berries such as blackcurrants.
  • Monounsaturated fats or (HDLPs). High Density Lipoproteins are extremely effective for the reduction of cholesterol in the body. Once in the bloodstream they collect excess cholesterol from cells and take it back to the liver to be broken down. Avocados are very high in monounsaturates and are also a brilliant source of vitamin E and potassium. Any foods containing complex carbohydrates can improve cholesterol, such as wholemeal pasta and rice.
  • Water. Drinking two litres a day is the one of the best anti-aging techniques, if not actually the best around as it removes toxins and waste material from our bodies so they do not affect skin or the aging process. The more water we drink the more our skin is hydrated and renewed, resulting in glowing, younger looking skin.

This article was written by Real Subliminal. Why not the the anti aging subliminal cd? It works by aligning the subconscious mind with conscious goals of keeping you young in mind and body. Not only will it make you feel younger in spirit, but it will use the power of your mind to direct your body’s resources more efficiently to keep you looking young too.

May 072009


In our every day lives, fitness tends to take a backseat to our work, but we know it is important. We rarely ask the question: Why is physical fitness so important in our lives? Our physical well-being is important to us because it can give us a more positive outlook on life, reduces health risks and gives us more confidence.

Our bodies are invaluable assets to us, and keeping ourselves healthy through regular physical exercise will help give us a longer and more fulfilling life.

Physical fitness, of course, is not just gained through exercise; you must also have a healthy and well-balanced diet. Here are just a few of the benefits you can have from physical fitness, and why it is so important to us:

  • You will have more self-esteem. You will have more confidence in public places, not only because you will look better, but also because you will feel better about yourself.
  • It can help prevent problems like heart disease and diabetes developing.
  • The heart muscles will grow stronger, pumping more blood per minute and speeding up the healing process.
  • Good physical fitness will help keep you in a good state of mind. The increased blood flow will help concentration levels and to keep your mentally sharp.
  • The extra energy and vitality gained from being physically fit will lead to more happiness in your life.

It can be difficult to get up the motivation to exercise and eat healthily without the right knowledge of the benefits, and you may often find yourself asking the same old question, “why is physical fitness so important to us?”

But with the right knowledge and a little help from things such as proper diet plans and subliminal messaging, you may be able to turn this around.

This article was brought to you buy Real Subliminal. To find out how subliminal messaging can help you to remain physically fit, try our Motivation to Exercise CD – it contains powerful subliminal messages to boost your motivation and make you enjoy your exercise.