Mar 302009

Here is a quick 6 minute video from Jack Welsh, one of the most successful businessmen of modern times, and the previous head of General Electric who grew the company for over 20 years to the point of massive market domination.

Welsh is a people person, he is highly charismatic, and an extremely influential leader. He says the secret to his success was by identifying and grooming leaders within his organization and allowing them to prosper with their decisions. In this video he goes into further detail of how he enabled leaders to develop and other people management techniques which were critical to his success:

Mar 262009


This article is brought to you by Real Subliminal, who have recently been giving away free subliminal messages from across their range.

At the minute they are giving away their “Deep Calm” mp3 album – an album made exclusively to give people a taste of subliminal messaging.

The purpose of these free subliminal messages is to let you try this concept first hand without any investment required, and completely risk free – there literally is no catch. A lot of people are skeptical about trying subliminal messaging at first as the concept seems quite abstract. I.e. that you can learn something or make personal improvements without any physical action – basically just by sending messages into your subconscious mind.

This may seem unlikely but our subconscious mind is an extremely powerful machine and is capable of observing information and stimuli which we can not consciously comprehend. Our subconscious minds are doing this all day long, every day:

  • We get a song stuck in our head after leaving a shop even though we were not overly aware of it playing on the radio.
  • We hear our name called when a mother shouts at her child in the street who shares our name
  • Sometimes we seem to have a “lucky guess”, but in actuality we have heard the answer previously, but only on the very edge of our consciousness.

Subliminal messaging works in the same way, it sends information to you without you being fully aware of it. So instead of taking in information randomly you are sending yourself specific and beneficial information to help you develop.

This isn’t magic!

It is more gradual in most cases (although some see results straight away – especially with the free Deep Calm album), but if you use them consistently in your everyday life you will notice changes over a period of time. Once you have familiarised yourself with the Deep Calm album there are hundreds of unique albums which cater for almost anything you want to progress with – from learning languages, to improving confidence, or curing phobias and even sexual problems.

So get started today with our free subliminal messages!

Mar 242009


Subliminal perception isn’t to be confused with subliminal messaging as such.

Whereas subliminal messaging is the act of using subliminal messages to influence the subconscious mind, subliminal perception is the measure of how much you can perceive – or to put it another way here is a definition of subliminal perception:

Subliminal perception occurs when you are not consciously aware of receiving information, or learning, yet the information is still stored in your mind.

The only way this information reaches your mind is because although you are not consciously aware of it, your subconscious mind is – it is aware of, and can process information on the edge of your consciousness.

Neurological Research

There has been a lot of research into the capabilities of the subconscious mind, and some of the most conclusive research came from studies of people with neurological disorders. Sometimes people would have a neurological problem in which they claimed not to see or understand certain stimuli, however they non the less respond on the basis of information conveyed by these stimuli anyway. These people are not lying about their condition, but they are perceiving the information subconsciously.

To explain this further, there is a condition called blindsight. People with blindsight have damage to the primary visual cortex in the brain. As a result they may be unable to perceive visual information in one area of their visual field, they are often unaware of perceiving stimuli within a restricted area of their visual field. However, even though these people can not CONSCIOUSLY see the stimuli in their “blind area, they can still guess the size and shape etc of the object they can not consciously see.

What many people consider folk law, or fairytale is slowly becoming recognized as scientific fact due to studies such as these ones. Subliminal perception is real – it really is possible to take in, store, and learn information subliminally and to later act upon it.

This is the exact concept behind subliminal messages – these messages are designed to be “heard” by your subconscious mind. Even though you will not consciously hear them they will enter your mind and make deep internal changes gradually. If this sounds of interest to you then view further information and our full index of research into subliminal perception.

Mar 222009


So, you heard of the law of attraction, you were skeptical but interested so you researched a little more and perhaps you made some “wish lists”, a vision board, or developed another plan of sorts of what you wanted to attract… Then a few weeks later and nothing really happened right?

This is the typical “law of attraction cycle” of people go through, and it is no different to any other product – 95% of the people who attend a motivation self development seminar will feel all fired up for a few days but fall back into old ways, over 95% of people who buy any personal development book will never finish it, and an estimated only 2% will ever take any physical action from it.

It is not that these methods (or the law of attraction) don’t work, it is that people give up, or don’t put in enough effort to really see the results, and so they lose interest and look for something else “that actually works”. Any method of personal development will help you if you stick to it, and you won’t like to hear it but the secret to the law of attraction really is Consistency.

You see when these people are giving up it might be that changes are just under the surface for them – just about to sprout into reality. But they stop the positive thinking, the gratitude for what they have, and the focus on bringing more into their lives in such a defined way and whatever was building “under the surface” slowly melts away and they never even realize.

It’s all well saying the key to the law of attraction is just Consistency – staying committed and keeping a focus without giving up – always working towards your attraction goals no matter what. However there are ways in which you can enhance your efforts, and we will get into this a little more in our next post: The Subconscious Mind: The key to the law of attraction.

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Mar 162009

The effects of subliminal messaging can be varied – depending upon who is using the album, the condition of their mind, and their susceptibility to subliminal messages.

For most people however there will not be a huge noticeable effect while actually listening to a subliminal CD. The buildup of messages is gradual, and although some people notice benefits immediately this is unlikely for most (unless using a relaxation type album, which can work quicker). So while using the album 90% of people will not feel any different and certainly will not have any undesirable side effects.

The remaining 10% will experience feelings of relaxation, and then rejuvenation when the album has finished and they start to get on with their day again. And we have only had experiences from 3 people who have ever had an “intense” experience when using our albums (i.e. headaches / dizziness). These symptoms seemed to disappear after a few more sessions as the initial use of the album was up against and breaking down some pretty big mental blockages.

So, as for the effects of subliminal messaging, well you have nothing to worry about. All the messages are essentially are positive affirmations- but spoken subliminally so they would never do any harm to you.

As for the long term effects, well these can vary – we have created over 200 subliminal cds with their purposes ranging from confidence, to memory improvements, subliminal learning, phobia elimination, and much much more – view our full range of 200+ subliminal cds / mp3s here and experience the effects for yourself.