Mar 162009

The effects of subliminal messaging can be varied – depending upon who is using the album, the condition of their mind, and their susceptibility to subliminal messages.

For most people however there will not be a huge noticeable effect while actually listening to a subliminal CD. The buildup of messages is gradual, and although some people notice benefits immediately this is unlikely for most (unless using a relaxation type album, which can work quicker). So while using the album 90% of people will not feel any different and certainly will not have any undesirable side effects.

The remaining 10% will experience feelings of relaxation, and then rejuvenation when the album has finished and they start to get on with their day again. And we have only had experiences from 3 people who have ever had an “intense” experience when using our albums (i.e. headaches / dizziness). These symptoms seemed to disappear after a few more sessions as the initial use of the album was up against and breaking down some pretty big mental blockages.

So, as for the effects of subliminal messaging, well you have nothing to worry about. All the messages are essentially are positive affirmations- but spoken subliminally so they would never do any harm to you.

As for the long term effects, well these can vary – we have created over 200 subliminal cds with their purposes ranging from confidence, to memory improvements, subliminal learning, phobia elimination, and much much more – view our full range of 200+ subliminal cds / mp3s here and experience the effects for yourself.