Apr 012009


One of the most popular albums in our music range is our learn how to play guitar subliminal CD. In this article we hope to explain exactly how it works and how it can be used to enhance your guitar playing ability.

The first thing to note is that the learn guitar CD acts simply as a learning aid, which means that while it will not help you learn to play the guitar on its own – it is essential that you practice on your own or take lessons still. It simply enhances the rate at which you will learn, and makes it easier for your brain to process this type of musical information.

Where subliminal learning is concerned there are 2 types of approaches:

  1. Where information about the subject is included subliminally i.e. in this case it would be musical information such as chords / note structure. With language learning it is commonly words and phrases in the foreign language. The idea here is to reinforce the learning and aid memory.
  2. Where no subject information is included, but the subliminal messages are designed to aid your ability to learn. To make you focus on your practice, increase your motivation, and absorb musical based information easier.

Our albums take this second approach – in fact this is how all of our albums work. The reason for this is because although results with the first method can be excellent, they can also be very inconsistent. It depends upon the existing skill of the player in the first place, and for many people they don’t receive the benefit.

With our albums we admit that not everyone will experience the amazing results they want straight away, and the effect is gradual. But our albums have a higher success rate and although they won’t teach you to play the guitar overnight they will enhance your ability to learn and advance – NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU CURRENTLY ARE.

We get comments all the time from people saying our albums have enhanced their playing, and given them a new love for playing and practicing, as well as boosting their retention rate and ability to comprehend new information.

If you too have experienced success with our learn guitar CD or any other of our albums then please contact us – we would love to hear from you, it’s why we started our business.

Mar 062009

A little while ago we launched some new adult titles, including “subliminal penis enlargement“. We have had some comments about its use and people’e benefits but no one has wanted to write a full testimonial for us due to the confidential nature of the product.

However just yesterday we were given permission by Pete of West Sussex to publish his experience – as long as we left his second name out – again for confidentiality reasons. Anyway, here is Pete’s experience:

Hello, first of all, things are really starting to happen, I have been listening to the natural penis enlargement cd for about 5 weeks now, say twice a day, my penis feels much better, more sensitive, more feelings, & I’m sure when erect it is bigger & harder.

Pete, West Sussex, UK

We can’t say this is a typical result, and it is difficult to say exactly how long results will take, simply as all of our albums work on different people in different ways, and take different lengths of time due to the difference in our physical bodies, and our minds.

The truth is that subliminal messaging is not an exact science, and it will not work for everyone, but over 98% of the people who buy our albums have a positive reaction, and we love it when someone experiences benefits such as these.

If you want to try this album then go to our natural penis enlargement page, or if you too have had results with this album already then we would love to hear from you!

Jan 262009

Since our new albums launched the other day we have been getting a lot of questions about our new millionaire mindset subliminal album.

We want to make it clear that we can’t guarantee that this album will make you a million dollars, and it certainly won’t bring money into your life without any hard work or effort required on your part.

It is a simple concept, it aims to give you the mindset of a millionaire – you may still be skeptical, but any group of people who share circumstances will also have common beliefs, values, and ways of thinking. For example, school teachers might all share the desire to help others, chefs will have a deep love for food, and poker players will share an enjoyment of risk…

Millionaires in the same way will have certain characteristics in common, which have in fact helped them to make their money – they will not share all of the characteristics, all of the time, but certain charastics are found time and time again:

  • Not taking no for an answer
  • Strong self belief
  • Enjoyment of taking a risk
  • A deep desire to make money

Our album works by eliminating negative beliefs and thoughts within your subconscious mind and replaces them with the sort of characteristics shared by millionaires – it therefore gives you a millionaire mindset – the positive character traits which have helped a lot of people make a lot of money.

So we can’t make you rich without any effort required by you, but with this new mindset you will be working in the right direction, and if you really apply yourself then the money will follow.

Jan 172009

Here is one of the most amazing testimonials we have received, and as a disclaimer we must say that by no means do we guarantee that everone will experience this good a result, especially so quickly – subliminal messaging effects different people in different ways, and usually the results are more gradual – but it goes to show that anything is possible:

I have to tell you–I listened to your subliminal eyesight correction album for the first time Sat. night–after I downloaded it–

Sunday morning (today) I went out to run a few quick errands.  I noticed something was different but it took me awhile to figure it out.  Then I realized that street signs, etc were clearer–it was like I had just had gotten new glasses with a new perscription for my eyes!

Now mind you, I could read the signs before–but today they all seemed brighter and clearer somehow– It was truly amazing!

If I took my glasses off–things were blurry–but yet I could see them better than before when I took my glasses off–I went all through the grocery store without my glasses and I could see things better than I could before if I had taken my glasses off!

I am sitting here typing this message without my glasses and the screen is totally clear and bright!

I’ve been working with subliminals for about 8 months now–give or take a month either way–I have never, ever seen a subliminal take hold this fast!! (Jan, Arizona, USA)

This lady only wants to be identified as Jan, and she has used other subliminals from us – mostly with good effects too, but none quite as dramatic, or as quick working as this!! Again, we can’t guarantee this result for you, but we do guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the result we will give you a refund – no questions asked.

Nov 282008

It’s time for another testimonial, this time about our subliminal public speaking skills album. Manon only used the CD for a short time before he had to make a presentation:

Ihave had problems not being able to sleep for days before a meeting. Getting to the meeting was even harder. Everyone was telling me I’m doing okay, but they do not know how much it takes me to do it.

I have tried exercises, new age music, talking to myself in positive ways, reading many books and listening to audio books. It has helped, but not enough. So, I bought this program with a real hope that I would be ready to face “the music: again this year.

I listened to the CD for three days before my first presentation. I slept a little better and to my surprise I was calm the day of the presentation. Even more, I was looking forward to taking the microphone. The presentation went very well, I may have even spoke too much and surprised many who know I don’t like the microphone.

I believe this audio presentation helped me a lot.

Manon Foss, Verdes CA, USA

We love it when our albums work this well, if you have a similar experience please get in touch, hearing your positive changes is the most rewarding part of our business.