Mar 062009

A little while ago we launched some new adult titles, including “subliminal penis enlargement“. We have had some comments about its use and people’e benefits but no one has wanted to write a full testimonial for us due to the confidential nature of the product.

However just yesterday we were given permission by Pete of West Sussex to publish his experience – as long as we left his second name out – again for confidentiality reasons. Anyway, here is Pete’s experience:

Hello, first of all, things are really starting to happen, I have been listening to the natural penis enlargement cd for about 5 weeks now, say twice a day, my penis feels much better, more sensitive, more feelings, & I’m sure when erect it is bigger & harder.

Pete, West Sussex, UK

We can’t say this is a typical result, and it is difficult to say exactly how long results will take, simply as all of our albums work on different people in different ways, and take different lengths of time due to the difference in our physical bodies, and our minds.

The truth is that subliminal messaging is not an exact science, and it will not work for everyone, but over 98% of the people who buy our albums have a positive reaction, and we love it when someone experiences benefits such as these.

If you want to try this album then go to our natural penis enlargement page, or if you too have had results with this album already then we would love to hear from you!