Nov 302008

time-management-clockDo you have big time management problems? Do you spend your days struggling with your to do list and wonder why you never get finished?

Time mgt skills are really important for business minded people who have several vastly different things to do each day. Here is a quick article with our Top 10 Time Management Tips to help you boost your productivity ten fold and finish all your tasks – on time!

1) The Time Management Myth.

There is only24 hours in a day no matter how organized you are. Time never changes. All you can do is to make the best of the time you have, no one else can gain an advantange, you can not create more time, you can only use it better.

2) Where are you Wasting Time?

Figure out your bad habits.

Do you spend too much time checking emails, browsing the Internet, making phone calls you don’t need to? Do you waste time chatting around the office?

Start to track your activities to gain a clear picture of your daily activities – so you can then axe the ones which are cluttering you up.

3) Write Your Time Mgt Aims

After removing all of your personal time wasters you need to set new, and more efficient goals.

For example; a goal not to take personal phone calls while at your desk. Or to only use the Internet during office hours to read the news on a morning and do your work – the more specific these goals the better.

4) Start a Detailed Time Management Plan

Carrying on from number3: Yourobjective is to change your behavior so much that you will reach whatever goal you have set yourself e.g. Increasing your productivity / eliminating stress your stress. This involves not only writing down your aim, but mapping them out over time, to ensure you have stuck to them, write a full timetable of your activities if need be.


At the start of everyh day you should  prioritize the tasks for the day. look at what you have to do, what you are getting behind on and write a quick list, for the order that things should be done in. How many tasks are critical – set those first, and do not move on to another task until the more critical one is completed.

As you commplete them you should tick them off, not only will this help you stay organized, you will feel a sense of acomplishment and be spurred on mentally to the next task.

6) Outsource or Delegate

Are you a control freak? Are you performing unrequired admin tasks, which could be performed by someone lower down the chain? If so then delegate these tasks, and free up your time for more critical business decisions, or more important tasks. Get some help, your time is valuable, so outsource admin, and other tasks which are not the best use of your time

7) Develop a Routine, and STICK TO IT

Simple – You will be 100x more productive if you can follow a strict routine during regular hours, getting your tasks done will feel natural, as you will do them over and over.

8.) Set a Time Estimate For Each Task

Do you spend too long on some things? One of the main time killers in the modern office is reading and answering emails – why not schedule 1 hour every day at a certain time for reading and answering all of your emails?  (And STICK TO IT) You should use this principle for all your tasks, it will help improve your efficiency dramatically if you think at first “How long should this task take me?”

9) Get Your Systems Organized.

Take some time to get your systems – whether computer or physical – in place before you begin. You can have an excellent time management plan, but if your records, files, and systems are all over the place they will slow you down and cause costly delays.

10) Never Just Wait

Sometimes it is hard to avoid waiting, but as much as you can don’t just sit around staring into space – at the very least use waiting times – bus journeys, traffic jams, dentist waiting rooms to read up on improtant subjects, or expand your mind – always have something to do if you get caught up unexpectedly waiting, whether it is a book, an audio cd, or a blank pad of paper to plan with.

Time Management is not a natural skill, it is something that you (that ANYONE can learn) and the above 10 tips are the foundation of effective time management – implement them today and take control of your time, productivity, efficiency, and your LIFE!

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Nov 282008

It’s time for another testimonial, this time about our subliminal public speaking skills album. Manon only used the CD for a short time before he had to make a presentation:

Ihave had problems not being able to sleep for days before a meeting. Getting to the meeting was even harder. Everyone was telling me I’m doing okay, but they do not know how much it takes me to do it.

I have tried exercises, new age music, talking to myself in positive ways, reading many books and listening to audio books. It has helped, but not enough. So, I bought this program with a real hope that I would be ready to face “the music: again this year.

I listened to the CD for three days before my first presentation. I slept a little better and to my surprise I was calm the day of the presentation. Even more, I was looking forward to taking the microphone. The presentation went very well, I may have even spoke too much and surprised many who know I don’t like the microphone.

I believe this audio presentation helped me a lot.

Manon Foss, Verdes CA, USA

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Nov 252008

subliminal-prison-barsPast…a period that’s long gone. The past is nothing but memories. Old hurts live on with us as emotional wounds or scars. Scars that serve as a reminder of the past but have no affect on our present. Yet there are so many among us who continue to live in their past, dwelling on old and unhappy memories, wasting precious now. “Now”, which can be used to create happy memories for the future. If you can identify with this, it’s time you broke free from your past.

How to Break Free?

Whatever trauma or hurt you might have experienced in the past, it’s important to remember that the past merely exists in our minds. Though it’s not easy to forgive, forget and move on, it’s not impossible. Once you decide to move on with your life and make up your mind that you want to break free from your past, you can create a beautiful today for yourself.

Psychological counseling

If your problem is deep rooted for instance if you’ve faced a childhood trauma or can’t accept a loved one’s death you may need psychological counseling. Try and approach your counselor with an open mind, remember you are going to them because you need their help.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is another therapy which can help you in breaking free from your past. Sometime past events become so firmly embedded in your subconscious that it becomes difficult to let go, forgive and forget. Clinical Hypnosis could be of help in this case. If you agree to undergo this therapy, a trained hypnotherapist will be able to delve into your subconscious and release painful memories from your mind.

Subliminal Messages

Listening to subliminal message may also help you in breaking free from the shackles of your past. Subliminal messages are suggestions which are beyond the perception of the conscious mind but can communicate directly with the subconscious. These messages could be in the form of video, text or audio. The most commonly used instruments for transmitting subliminal messages (for self help purposes) are audio cds. In such subliminal cds messages are either hidden behind music or are played in reverse (mixed with music). Often these messages are moved above the level of human hearing (above 20,000Hz). People who believe in their power claim that listening to subliminal messages repeatedly can help your mind release negative past memories, experiences, and rejections, so that you can move on.

Nov 212008

If you are wondering if you can learn French or Spanish without ever opening a book, the answer is no. Subliminal messages can help you learn, by stimulating the area of your brain that is involved in language and language retention. This is great news for anyone who has struggled with learning a new language, and just needs an extra boost to help them remember the ins and outs of the new language.

How We Learn

The human brain is a complicated machine that scientists have shown is divided into several different sections. The area that is responsible for language development is located, in adults, in the left frontal cortex. Adults who have never begun to learn a new language may find that they have more difficulty than younger learners, although scientists are not entirely sure why this happens.

What they do know is that language development between children and adults happens in different parts of the brain, and that perhaps stimulating the established frontal cortex can help learners maintain information about language better, and for longer periods of time.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Learn

Subliminal messages can help you learn a new language in two ways. First, it can stimulate the area of your brain that is responsible for language development, so you can learn more, and faster. Second, subliminal messages can actually boost your personal belief that you can learn a new language, which can make a huge difference if you have doubted your abilities, or find the information to be extremely intimidating.

You will still need to use your foreign language curriculum to learn your language, however. Since you now have the tools you need to remember what you have learned more efficiently, you may find that you can remember the concepts you study more easily, and even recall more on a day to day basis.

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Nov 202008

In the last post we showed some examples of setting goals, and hinted at setting them in the present tense. What we mean by this is that even though it is a goal you are aiming for 3 months into the future, you write the goal as if you have already achieved it, and you are talking about it at the time.

So instead of:

I want to lose 15lbs, and I will be eating healthy food and vegetables every day.

Your goal will be:

I have lost 15lbs, I eat fresh fruit and veg every day.

The reason that you do this is for the subtle but significant difference it will make in your mind. With the first example when you read your goals it is always in the future tense, you can always put the task off, and it does not seem real, there is always more time to tackle the problem.

However with repeating the goal to yourself in the present tense your mind is ever so slightly “tricked” into believing it to be true. Rather than being in the future your mind interprets it to be happening now – eating healthy is not something that you will be doing in the future, it is something you do now, which will help you even more to achieve your future goal.

This is a basic principle of NLP – to state things in the positive, and to create affirmations / goals as if they have already been acheived – it simply sets you up for success.

All of our subliminal cds and mp3s work on these principles and contain positive, and “future based” messages, which go directly to your subconscious mind to help you to achieve your goals.