Nov 202008

In the last post we showed some examples of setting goals, and hinted at setting them in the present tense. What we mean by this is that even though it is a goal you are aiming for 3 months into the future, you write the goal as if you have already achieved it, and you are talking about it at the time.

So instead of:

I want to lose 15lbs, and I will be eating healthy food and vegetables every day.

Your goal will be:

I have lost 15lbs, I eat fresh fruit and veg every day.

The reason that you do this is for the subtle but significant difference it will make in your mind. With the first example when you read your goals it is always in the future tense, you can always put the task off, and it does not seem real, there is always more time to tackle the problem.

However with repeating the goal to yourself in the present tense your mind is ever so slightly “tricked” into believing it to be true. Rather than being in the future your mind interprets it to be happening now – eating healthy is not something that you will be doing in the future, it is something you do now, which will help you even more to achieve your future goal.

This is a basic principle of NLP – to state things in the positive, and to create affirmations / goals as if they have already been acheived – it simply sets you up for success.

All of our subliminal cds and mp3s work on these principles and contain positive, and “future based” messages, which go directly to your subconscious mind to help you to achieve your goals.