Nov 252008

subliminal-prison-barsPast…a period that’s long gone. The past is nothing but memories. Old hurts live on with us as emotional wounds or scars. Scars that serve as a reminder of the past but have no affect on our present. Yet there are so many among us who continue to live in their past, dwelling on old and unhappy memories, wasting precious now. “Now”, which can be used to create happy memories for the future. If you can identify with this, it’s time you broke free from your past.

How to Break Free?

Whatever trauma or hurt you might have experienced in the past, it’s important to remember that the past merely exists in our minds. Though it’s not easy to forgive, forget and move on, it’s not impossible. Once you decide to move on with your life and make up your mind that you want to break free from your past, you can create a beautiful today for yourself.

Psychological counseling

If your problem is deep rooted for instance if you’ve faced a childhood trauma or can’t accept a loved one’s death you may need psychological counseling. Try and approach your counselor with an open mind, remember you are going to them because you need their help.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is another therapy which can help you in breaking free from your past. Sometime past events become so firmly embedded in your subconscious that it becomes difficult to let go, forgive and forget. Clinical Hypnosis could be of help in this case. If you agree to undergo this therapy, a trained hypnotherapist will be able to delve into your subconscious and release painful memories from your mind.

Subliminal Messages

Listening to subliminal message may also help you in breaking free from the shackles of your past. Subliminal messages are suggestions which are beyond the perception of the conscious mind but can communicate directly with the subconscious. These messages could be in the form of video, text or audio. The most commonly used instruments for transmitting subliminal messages (for self help purposes) are audio cds. In such subliminal cds messages are either hidden behind music or are played in reverse (mixed with music). Often these messages are moved above the level of human hearing (above 20,000Hz). People who believe in their power claim that listening to subliminal messages repeatedly can help your mind release negative past memories, experiences, and rejections, so that you can move on.