Nov 212008

If you are wondering if you can learn French or Spanish without ever opening a book, the answer is no. Subliminal messages can help you learn, by stimulating the area of your brain that is involved in language and language retention. This is great news for anyone who has struggled with learning a new language, and just needs an extra boost to help them remember the ins and outs of the new language.

How We Learn

The human brain is a complicated machine that scientists have shown is divided into several different sections. The area that is responsible for language development is located, in adults, in the left frontal cortex. Adults who have never begun to learn a new language may find that they have more difficulty than younger learners, although scientists are not entirely sure why this happens.

What they do know is that language development between children and adults happens in different parts of the brain, and that perhaps stimulating the established frontal cortex can help learners maintain information about language better, and for longer periods of time.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Learn

Subliminal messages can help you learn a new language in two ways. First, it can stimulate the area of your brain that is responsible for language development, so you can learn more, and faster. Second, subliminal messages can actually boost your personal belief that you can learn a new language, which can make a huge difference if you have doubted your abilities, or find the information to be extremely intimidating.

You will still need to use your foreign language curriculum to learn your language, however. Since you now have the tools you need to remember what you have learned more efficiently, you may find that you can remember the concepts you study more easily, and even recall more on a day to day basis.

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