Oct 212013

Subliminal messages are a powerful way to change the way you think about certain things in your life and to change the behavior that you’re hot very happy with, but without making a conscious effort that will follow them, subliminals will only get you so far.

Why Listening to Subliminal Audios Only Isn’t Enough to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a tricky game: if you want to gain and keep the desired weight, you need to make some lasting changes to the way you live right now: you need to eat healthy foods not only during 30 or 60 days, but for the rest of your life; you need to adopt regular physical activity as a part of who you are, not some temporary activity needed to attain your current goal.

In order to do all of this, your mind needs to change. You won’t get very far if you keep viewing healthy nutrition as a chore and exercise as time-drainer. You need to change the way you feel about all the little daily activities required for weight loss, and you have to find a way to make these changes permanent.

Subliminal messages that contain positive affirmations which help you to strengthen your positive mindset about the process are a great place to start – but they won’t do all the work for you. Why?

Well, our mind is another tricky thing. You know that the reason why subliminal messages work is because they bypass the barrier of our conscious mind end enter directly to the subconscious – in a way, we are tricking our mind into receiving the messages that will re-write its current programming.

But our mind is stubborn, and our old, negative thinking patterns die hard. The old thinking patterns were making us avoid the gym and make excuses not to eat healthy food. Naturally, these patterns are followed by suitable actions: we were running in the opposite direction of everything that our mind saw as “me no likey”.

That’s why, if we want the new patterns to stick, we need to make a conscious effort and follow the new thoughts and beliefs that we want to build with the actions that will confirm it: we need to show to our mind that we truly want to change. We need to commit to healthy eating and regular exercising and we need to follow through with our actions.

Only then will we be able to create lasting changes, changes that will stick. Subliminals are a way in which our brain can meet us half way, but we have to do the other half.

In short, in order to be sure that we will lose weight for good, we need to do everything that we can to ensure success. We need to show to our mind that we believe we’re able to make the shift and that we will do what it takes. Think of subliminal audios as the aid that instills the “good will” into our mind, and the next time you should go to the gym – go! Your brain will know how to appreciate it.

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Nov 052012

Definition: The term “Subliminal” comes from the Latin of “Sub” – meaning below and “Limen” – meaning threshold. In its simplest form it translates as “below threshold”.

To explain this a little better the word subliminal can be used to describe anything which is transmitted beyond the threshold of our perception. There are various types of subliminal messages – from text, to images, to subliminal audio.

Text: Text based messages are basically written information which is displayed faster than the eye can see – these can be used in tv / cinema – i.e. flashing a text based message for 1 tenth of a second, similarly they could be used in screen savers, or subliminal computer programs.

Images: Similarly to text messages images can be displayed for a short period of time, again embedded in videos. The Disney subliminal messages are famous and often use either fast text or flashed images.

Audio: Not to be confused with hypnosis, these consist of any audio message that has been manipulated so that we would not be directly aware of it – either at a higher frequency or lower frequency than the range of physical human hearing, or hidden behind music so they are not clear, as well as other methods such as playing the message in reverse.

If I can’t perceive them, how can they help me?

Well, in everyday life we receive thousands of subliminal messages every day. We don’t realize we are exposed to such messages, but there is simply too much information in our busy lives to consciously process everything.

However we do take in much more information than we realize here are a couple of examples:

  • You walk out of a shop and start humming the song which was playing quietly in the store, yet at the time you paid little attention to it.
  • You hear your name mentioned across a busy room and suddenly you are aware of their conversation, you then tune into it and block out all the other information.

These two examples show that our minds are always active, always processing the information around us, and this information gets stored in our minds often without us realizing it.

Just because you can’t consciously hear something doesn’t mean that your unconscious mind isn’t aware of it. That is the real beauty of subliminal messaging – you don’t have to physically concentrate on it, or study / learn anything, the messages naturally enter your mind.

Follow on in our educational series with our article about the dangers of subliminal messaging.

Nov 042012

warning signWell, actually they can be – if used incorrectly, or in the wrong hands. Subliminal techniques are banned by the US and UK governments for use within advertising. You are basically not allowed to use subliminals to influence other people without their knowledge.

It was deemed unfair to use them in TV commercials due to the susceptibility of the human mind. So likewise if you were thinking of using them to manipulate or influence someone in any way then think again as this would get you into a lot of trouble.

There has been a lot of research studies showing that subliminal audio and video do have an impact upon the mind, so it should not be toyed with, used in malice, or on other people for negative purpose.

For Personal Use?

However you can use them for personal reasons. You can, as outlined above, use them to help you develop in areas of your choice – whether it be enhancing your memory, improving your sports performance, developing your confidence, changing your personality or pretty much anything else.

While they shouldn’t be used on other people without their knowledge, even still when used in this way they will not work as well as if you use them on yourself and use them to pursue goals you are working towards.

For example if you give someone a CD to help their law of attraction goals – yet they don’t understand, or even believe in the law of attraction then the album will likely only have a limited effect. However if you use it personally, and you are a follower of the law of attraction, and you are already working towards attracting things into your life then it will work much better.

Basically it works by aligning your subconscious mind to your attraction goals too – it can help you to reach your goals, but usually only has a minimal impact if you are either resisting against changes, or are not actively trying to pursue a specific goal.

Moral of the story: Create a goal, and actively pursue it, and use subliminal messages to gain a boost, push your willpower, strengthen your motivation and give you a helping hand towards realizing your goal.

If you are new to subliminal messaging then you can try it for free – take the free album you can download from Real Subliminal and give it a try for yourself – hopefully seeing the benefits, and that there is no danger involved when you use subliminal audio for self development 🙂

Dec 172011

One of most serious problems that anyone can have is insomnia; the lack of sleep has been known to cause serious psychoses as well as other health problems, and in the most extreme cases, death. It is not something that can be dealt with easily as it is a psychological issue that has complex causes. Trying to resolve it is like trying to figure out a very difficult puzzle and it would be best if you have help. Listening to an insomnia hypnosis mp3 download is one of the best kind of help that you can get for yourself.

This album will help you to get a full night of sleep by sending hypnotic suggestions that will trigger certain reactions that promote sleep inside your brain. It can help you to relax physically and mentally in order to get you in the ideal condition for sleeping. It can help you to release unhealthy thought patterns that prevent you from dozing off; this will make it easier for you to relax at night and eventually fall asleep. Continuous use of the mp3 will lead to a more consistent sleep cycle that is free of irregularities.

Subliminal messaging helps you to make changes on a fundamental level. This means that once you free yourself from insomnia through hypnotherapy, you will be able to keep it off your system for a long time to come. Try it for yourself and experience its effectiveness in as little as a week! You can also start with these free hypnosis downloads  (http://www.naturalhypnosis.com/l/free-hypnosis) that can help you experience the efficacy of self hypnosis completely free of charge!

Dec 062011

Do you wish to have better heath than you currently do? Do you seem to be unable to stay away from illnesses even though you have good hygiene and you try to stay healthy? Being healthy and staying healthy both have a direct connection to your mind. Depending on the way you think, your mind can cause you to manifest illnesses through psychosomatic means; it can also lead you to make neglectful choices that increase your chances of getting sick. A great way to counter these factors is to use an attract health hypnosis mp3 download.

This album can help you gain a better awareness of your body and become more health conscious in the process. It uses the principles of the law of attraction to bring health closer to you. It helps you to avoid the pitfalls of negative thinking that causes psychosomatic conditions. It also helps to become more predisposed towards healthy routines that will minimize the chances of you getting sick. The main thing that it enables you to do though is to use the law of attraction to remain in good health for as much as possible.

Attracting health through the law of attraction is not as impossible a task as it seems, hypnosis can help you with the mental aspect of it so you can put it into action. This hypnosis mp3 download (http://www.naturalhypnosis.com/) can help you to improve your health in ways that you can only dream of today. Get the album right now and give yourself a chance at a better quality of life by becoming a healthier more robust individual that is ready for the demands of everyday living.

If you take your health seriously, and you believe in your ability to attract health, then you give yourself the best shot of achieving your health goals and living the life you truly deserve. In addition to hypnosis, you can use these free affirmations for attracting health which can really help to ensure that your mind is aligned with the law of attraction principles and that all of your mental and physical energy are concentrated on manifesting great health in your life. The method is simple, you use positive affirmations on a daily basis to rewire your core thoughts and change them from negative to positive, and especially to solidify your belief in yourself.