Nov 042012

warning signWell, actually they can be – if used incorrectly, or in the wrong hands. Subliminal techniques are banned by the US and UK governments for use within advertising. You are basically not allowed to use subliminals to influence other people without their knowledge.

It was deemed unfair to use them in TV commercials due to the susceptibility of the human mind. So likewise if you were thinking of using them to manipulate or influence someone in any way then think again as this would get you into a lot of trouble.

There has been a lot of research studies showing that subliminal audio and video do have an impact upon the mind, so it should not be toyed with, used in malice, or on other people for negative purpose.

For Personal Use?

However you can use them for personal reasons. You can, as outlined above, use them to help you develop in areas of your choice – whether it be enhancing your memory, improving your sports performance, developing your confidence, changing your personality or pretty much anything else.

While they shouldn’t be used on other people without their knowledge, even still when used in this way they will not work as well as if you use them on yourself and use them to pursue goals you are working towards.

For example if you give someone a CD to help their law of attraction goals – yet they don’t understand, or even believe in the law of attraction then the album will likely only have a limited effect. However if you use it personally, and you are a follower of the law of attraction, and you are already working towards attracting things into your life then it will work much better.

Basically it works by aligning your subconscious mind to your attraction goals too – it can help you to reach your goals, but usually only has a minimal impact if you are either resisting against changes, or are not actively trying to pursue a specific goal.

Moral of the story: Create a goal, and actively pursue it, and use subliminal messages to gain a boost, push your willpower, strengthen your motivation and give you a helping hand towards realizing your goal.

If you are new to subliminal messaging then you can try it for free – take the free album you can download from Real Subliminal and give it a try for yourself – hopefully seeing the benefits, and that there is no danger involved when you use subliminal audio for self development 🙂