Sep 052011

Are you the type of person who cares too much for others?  Are you always worried about how people will think about you?  Does it bother you when other people ignore your own opinion? Do you always find yourself trying to work out how other people will feel after making a decision? Caring to much what might other people think is one of the biggest  obstructions one can endure.

Needless to say, we need other people to survive,  we need them to feel we are alive.  But if we care too much  and value what might they think, we are open for manipulation.  With this kind of attitude, you can be easily influenced by others, and tend to just go along with everyone else.  Whether it is a job you’re applying to, an apartment in the city you’re eyeing, a hobby or sport you want to be involved, or just the simple little black dress you’ll be wearing.  Caring more for other people’s opinion than with yourself makes you confine in a world full of dishonesty and pretentions.

Remember that you are who you are, you have your own individuality and identity.  If you want to regain your independence and self confidence, then you need to redirect yourself.  You need to start living your life behind their shadows and you need to stop caring less what others think.  Ignore them saying on how you should be handling your life – your life and decisions are solely up to you.

So what would you do in order to win against the battle of caring less for other people’s judgement?  There are available methods that will able to help you conquer your dilemma.  Like the Hypnosis audio MP3s –  a powerful hypnotic propositions and affirmations that you will listen to.   Listening to it will enable you to stop worrying and caring so much what other people think and say without even having to consciously think about it.

Jun 212011

If you have trouble finding the motivation to continue pursuing your dreams, you can listen to an increase motivation hypnosis download ( to help you regain your drive. It is very easy to do and you can soon find yourself more proactive and outgoing. It can help you to be more energized and optimistic about your goals so you can move forward with confidence and relative ease.

Hypnosis is an excellent form of therapy that will allow you to access your subliminal mind and change the way you look at acting on your goals. It can help you to become internally motivated to move forward with no hesitation. By improving on your mind’s way of thinking, you will be able to gain a lasting confidence and motivation that will most likely lead you towards success.

Although it uses the power of suggestion to help you make positive changes in your mindset, hypnosis is absolutely safe. You can never be made to do anything against your will just from hearing powerful suggestions, you can always reject things that you do not feel comfortable with. In other words you will need to make an effort to change and not let your subconscious weaknesses win over you.

If you are tired of not getting anywhere with your goals, there is no better time than now to take a step towards self improvement. As long as you have the desire to change for the better, listening to hypnosis mp3 downloads can help you to become more proactive and driven. Get yourself on track towards regaining your motivation and keeping it with you until you complete your goals.

Aug 022009

Self motivation is an important thing to have whatever you’re doing, whether it is wanting to be better at your job, trying to quit smoking or just wanting to be a better friend to those around you.

It can, however, be very difficult to keep up the same levels of self motivation you felt at the beginning of a task, such as quitting smoking, towards the middle or end of it, and as such it is important to know how to increase self motivation. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can implement in your everyday life to increase your self motivation and drive for success at these tasks.

Here are just a few of the ways to do so:

  • Report to someone: having someone who can hold you accountable if you fail to keep up with the tasks you have set for yourself can be very important to keeping you on track. Find a friend or support group to support you in your task.
  • Stay positive: the power of thought is huge. Negative thinking can be very damaging to your overall progress, while positive thinking is one of the most powerful things you can do to help you through anything; if you think you can do it, then you have much more chance at success.
  • Set goals: if you set yourself goals along the way, such as going so many weeks without smoking, or keeping up with a fitness regime for a certain amount of time, and reward yourself for keeping to these goals.

While these simple methods to self motivation can be very effective, you may also need extra help. Subliminal messaging can be a very powerful aid to increasing your self motivation. Our “Extreme Self Motivation” cd, or many others in our range of subliminal CDs may be of use to you.

These CDs work by aligning your subconscious mind with the conscious goals – that of being more motivated. They tap into your subconscious mind to make you more motivated from the inside – out.

Apr 182009


Sometimes we just can’t seem to focus, our mind wanders and we sit for hours and get nothing done. Other times we may just be “in the zone”; we get lots of work done, ideas flow freely, and our concentration is sharp. When we can concentrate like this we get much more done – if only we could tap into this level of concentration naturally.

Well we can – some people naturally have enhanced levels of concentration – they don’t have “hot” and “cold” spells – they can enter a deep state of concentration whenever they need to – in essence their brains are wired a little differently. However there are things all of us can do to mimic these people and develop higher levels of concentration too.

Here are four things you can do straight away to enter a higher state of concentration at ease:

Focus on just one thing:

Often we have a hundred things running through our head.  Perhaps you have your emails open, while trying to write a report from your boss, you keep getting interrupted by phone calls, and you are just finishing another project you started yesterday – sound familiar? We often struggle to get anything done as we have so much going on in our heads.

Instead make a priority list of things you have to get done and work through them one at a time. You are not ignoring the other tasks that need to be done, you are just prioritizing them. Which leads on to the next point:

Set time limits and plan your day:

As well as focusing on just one thing as mentioned above if you combine this with splitting your day up into blocks where you concentrate on one activity at a time then you won’t stress as you know you will get to the next activity that needs to be done later.

Work to strict deadlines:

Also, we often work much more effectively when working to a deadline – even if it is a self imposed one. Towards the end of the deadline you will have a much heightened level of concentration – you know you only have a limited time to get the job done before you have to move on to something else. You can see this at the end of a working day in the office where you are rushing to get things done so you can leave on time, you get 3x as much done in half the time as you need to leave 🙂

Stop Procrastinating:

Is your lack of concentration just procrastination? Are you needlessly putting off starting a project?

Procrastination and concentration are enemies. You have to kill your procrastination before you can get stuck into any project. Ask yourself “Do I need to do this? Do I want to get it out of the way so it’s not on my mind? Will it get easier if I do it later?” These questions will bring you face to face with the fact that the job task isn’t going away,. Delaying it only adds to your mental stress, and makes it more of a chore, and ultimately the task consumes more of your mind power for longer.

Cut procrastination and you will improve your level of concentration tenfold!

This article was brought to you by Real Subliminal – you can also use the power of subliminal messages to help improve your concentration. This works by the principles of NLP – it will help rewire your mind to think like the kind of people who find it easy to concentrate by slowly making changes within your subconscious mind – view our subliminal improve concentration album here.

Feb 222009

Here are our top 10 alpha male traits – these alpha male characteristics are common to all natural leaders, and naturally confident men. If you want to follow in their footsteps then see which of these traits you lack and adjust your behaviour accordingly; The Alpha Male:

Never Qualifies Himself: The alpha male makes no apologies, he doesn’t explain his behavior. he is completely comfortable in his own skin so he doesn’t need to. They don’t boast about their success or try and prove anything – again they don’t need to; they assume you will like them simply because other people do, but they don’t care if you don’t – they won’t chase after you for your validation, they don’t care.

Talks Slow: Notice when you talk to someone you look up to you will talk faster – Talking fast is a way to qualify yourself to someone – essentially you are scared they will stop listening or find some more interesting stimulous, so you get your point out quick so they will listen – it actually has the opposite effect, and it shows your lower status.

Doesn’t Look Around: He is the party and the focus of attention – he is unconcerned with what other people are doing.

Is The Focus of Attention: He is centrally positioned in the group, everyones body language faces him and is positive towards him – you can tell the alpha male of the group just by looking at them. Expect to be the focus and position yourself to be so, step up within your group and you will start to take on this dominant role.

Take The Glory: When you tell a funny joke they take it one further and steal the laugh, when you do something cool they congratualte  you for it and give you their approval. When you have an idea they acknowledge it and add to it – giving their approval and tweaking the idea it becomes their own, and they get the credit for it.

Are Never Impressed: They can be self centered and unimpressed with the achievements of others. They are high achievers themselves and strive for success so they have seen it all before – it takes a lot, or a really high value to impress them – they have high standards on every level.

Enjoy a Challenge: They enjoy making friends with beta males, but with another alpha guy they often become “enemies”. The alpha male needs to be the alpha at all times and will compete with another male for the dominant position – if he is really the alpha male he will enjoy this opportunity.

Don’t Answer Questions: They often give a non-sensical or a basic response to questions you ask them where you are trying for conversation, trying to find common ground, or trying for report – by asking you to “guess” they are controling the frame and leading the interaction and keeping their alpha male status.

Don’t Care About You: they are self focused, you are there to entertain them, but they are above you – he believes world evolves around him and everyone is there to help him, entertain him or sleep with him – as he chooses.

Can Show A Nicer Side and Get Away With It: This goes back to not caring what people think. he can be nice / genuine / down to earth if he wants to and on the occasions that he is he gets even more credit for it – he isn’t a geek trying to be nice for validation, he is a cool guy who has a down to earth side sometimes.

Is Comfortable In His Own Skin: Ultimately he is comfortable within his own skin, this is one of the the main alpha male characteristics, and if you can be comfortable in your own skin then everything else will follow. He doesn’t care what people think, he is assertive enough to give his own opinion, and he is happy and confident in any situation.

This article on alpha male traits was brought to you by Real Subliminal – try our Become the Alpha Male album today – this is not a miracle cure, but it will gradually rewire your mind to take on the characteristics of the alpha male, you will start to believe in the messages more and more and eventually you too will be a dominant alpha male.