Jan 172009

Here is one of the most amazing testimonials we have received, and as a disclaimer we must say that by no means do we guarantee that everone will experience this good a result, especially so quickly – subliminal messaging effects different people in different ways, and usually the results are more gradual – but it goes to show that anything is possible:

I have to tell you–I listened to your subliminal eyesight correction album for the first time Sat. night–after I downloaded it–

Sunday morning (today) I went out to run a few quick errands.  I noticed something was different but it took me awhile to figure it out.  Then I realized that street signs, etc were clearer–it was like I had just had gotten new glasses with a new perscription for my eyes!

Now mind you, I could read the signs before–but today they all seemed brighter and clearer somehow– It was truly amazing!

If I took my glasses off–things were blurry–but yet I could see them better than before when I took my glasses off–I went all through the grocery store without my glasses and I could see things better than I could before if I had taken my glasses off!

I am sitting here typing this message without my glasses and the screen is totally clear and bright!

I’ve been working with subliminals for about 8 months now–give or take a month either way–I have never, ever seen a subliminal take hold this fast!! (Jan, Arizona, USA)

This lady only wants to be identified as Jan, and she has used other subliminals from us – mostly with good effects too, but none quite as dramatic, or as quick working as this!! Again, we can’t guarantee this result for you, but we do guarantee that if you aren’t happy with the result we will give you a refund – no questions asked.