Mar 062009

A little while ago we launched some new adult titles, including “subliminal penis enlargement“. We have had some comments about its use and people’e benefits but no one has wanted to write a full testimonial for us due to the confidential nature of the product.

However just yesterday we were given permission by Pete of West Sussex to publish his experience – as long as we left his second name out – again for confidentiality reasons. Anyway, here is Pete’s experience:

Hello, first of all, things are really starting to happen, I have been listening to the natural penis enlargement cd for about 5 weeks now, say twice a day, my penis feels much better, more sensitive, more feelings, & I’m sure when erect it is bigger & harder.

Pete, West Sussex, UK

We can’t say this is a typical result, and it is difficult to say exactly how long results will take, simply as all of our albums work on different people in different ways, and take different lengths of time due to the difference in our physical bodies, and our minds.

The truth is that subliminal messaging is not an exact science, and it will not work for everyone, but over 98% of the people who buy our albums have a positive reaction, and we love it when someone experiences benefits such as these.

If you want to try this album then go to our natural penis enlargement page, or if you too have had results with this album already then we would love to hear from you!

Mar 042009

This is the definitive and ever growing online resourse on subliminal songs.

Below you will find a long list of music videos which have various subliminal messages highlighted within their verses. This covers everything from classics such as the Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven subliminal messages, to modern day lady gaga subliminal messages.

There is quite a debate whether artists intentionally put subliminal messages in their music, many artists flatly denying it outright. However some songs contain quite clear suggestions, and some say it is more than just a coincidence.

We will start with a classic example; here is the classic Stairway to Heaven song by Led Zeppelin – this video breaks it down and plays it in reverse to reveal the infamous Satanic subliminal messages:

This was one of the most controversial, classical examples of subliminal messages in music and caused massive public debate and outcry at the time. But it is only one of many. Here is another example – this time from Nirvana:

It seems that when a musician dies everyone goes searching around for subliminal messages in their songs, to get hints of their death, or find out the “truth”. Here is another example – this time it is Tupac telling you hes still alive:

Now a couple ffrom another dead musician – Freddy Mercury, these areless controversial, but again quite clear subliminal messages:

And what music video library would be complete without a Michael Jackson track! Even a subliminal music video library 🙂

But that’s not all, and were going right up to the modern day now – here is Madonna and Justin Timberlake with a subliminal message:

And of course arguably the queen of pop is at it: Here is the first single from Britney Spears, and no wonder she got so popular – in her first single she tells you to “sleep with me I’m not too young” !!

And finally, here is Lady Gaga, not covertly subliminal, but a very weird mix of sounds at 3:11 through in the song – the words “have sex” seem to be blended into the music:

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Mar 032009


This article entitled “subliminal definition” aims to once and for all define the term subliminal, and its associated vocabulary (If you have any questions or there is any other terms you would like defined then please leave a comment and we will add to this list, or of course, feel free to contact us):

Subliminal = Is made from the Latin words sub which means under, and limen, which means threshold. So literally translated it means below threshold. In modern society it has come to describe any message designed to pass below the regular limits of the human mind i.e. below the levels of our conscious perception.

Subliminal Messages = To elaborate on from the subliminal definition above subliminal messages can be  flashed text or images on a tv screen / computer or are also commonly found as embedded sounds in audio format – either as sounds above the limits of human hearing, or through subliminal backmasking:

Subliminal Backmasking = Where a message is embedded in audio format and can’t be heard consciously when the audio is played normally – however when played backwards the message is revealed. Even this backwards message can be decoded by your unconscious mind, and made use of

Subliminal Suggestion = Often used to describe a suggestion a hypnotist may make to you while in a trance, but can be used to describe any transmission of information which subtly / subliminally tries to induce behavior. This could be in regular waking conversation with a friend or colleague, through the use of leading questions, positive talking.

Subliminal Persuasion = Similar to subliminal suggestion, but perhaps with more manipulative intention. Where the suggestions are used by sales people to try and persuade you to buy, and likewise with advertising – both TV commercials or magazines / billboards – commonly the suggestion hints at Sex – to try and stimulate your mind and make the advert more memorable.

Subliminal Hynposis = Officially this is where you enter a mini-trance state without your knowledge – we are going in and out of trances all day, reading, daydreaming, watching tv, and even driving all put us into different states of consciousness. This is more complex – for more information please view our entire post on subliminal hypnosis.

Subliminal Learning = The phenomenon where via subliminal messages conscious learning takes place. Eventually the messages build and spill over from the subconscious into the conscious mind and learning takes place – which could be anything from increased memory, ability to learn a foreign language, or “learning” such as self esteem development / confidence boosts.

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