Feb 262009

This article is a quick introduction to subliminal hypnosis. There is some confusion as to what this exactly is as subliminal messaging and hypnosis are 2 different forms of mind programming. Firstly lets give definitions of these 2 different terms:

  • Hypnosis: Is the act of putting someone into a a trance-like state; a state in which they have a heightened suggestibility, do not have the ability to think critically / logically, and access can be gained to the subconscious mind. This is usually done by a hypnotist / psychologist through the use of commands, tone of voice and subtle suggestions. Indeed, hypnosis can be a really powerful form of personal development!
  • Subliminal Messaging: Also gains access to the subconscious mind and bypasses the logical thinking function to implant suggestions into someone’s mind – however there is no trance-like state, and the person will be unaware of the subliminal messages – all the messages are beyond the limits of human perception – typically embedded in music.

So.. just what is subliminal hypnosis?

Now these terms are defined individually it’s time to describe subliminal hypnotherapy, but the lines are still a little blurry, and it is actually a term which means different things to different people.

tv-subliminal-hypnosisOfficially subliminal hypnosis is the phenomenon where you enter a mini trance like state without your knowledge, i.e. subliminally. This might sound magical, but it happens to us all the time – we are always going in and out of various states of consciousness. A very common example is when we sit down to watch television. We become engrossed in the program and enter a mild trance. We are unaware of our surroundings to an extent, and if we are particularly engrossed we may not properly register a question someone asks us in real life, or there may be a delay in our response.

Also, if an advert can put you into a mini trance then it will be much more effective. Typically tv advertisements will be LOUDER than the actual program you have been watching – this firstly snaps you out of your mini trance, and also focuses you on the advert. Then, through various techniques of music, flashing lights, colours, or by overloading the senses they attempt to put you into another mini trance – basically they want your full attention, and if your senses are dulled and you are only focusing on the advert then this is better for them.

Although the above is the official definition, in modern times, with the increase in the use of both hypnosis and subliminals it has actually begun to be used as a way of referring to either pure hypnosis or subliminal messaging. This is not technically correct, but it is just a form of slang which has evolved – and quite frankly can be confusing as when people ask us about our subliminal hypnosis albums we have to clearly say what our albums do and don’t do.

As the first definition our albums are pure subliminal messaging – this has both advantages and disadvantages over pure hypnosis – basically it is more gradual, but it won’t out you into a trance, which means you can make consistent changes to your mind as you go about your day or exercise etc.

If this sounds of interest to you then browse our full range of subliminal messages. I hope this has cleared up any questions you had, but if you need any more information either leave a comment or contact us directly – we are always happy to help.