Feb 162009


One of our core product lines is our subliminal language learning range. It is our oldest product line, and how our business actually started in fact.

However, we still get a lot of questions about this album range – mostly centered around the “is this all I need to learn Spanish?” type question? We answer this question every week – week in, week out đŸ™‚

We always try to give an accurate description as possible about our albums, and show subliminal messaging in a down to earth light, so first and foremost it is important to say that NO – Using our album alone will NOT teach you Spanish / <insert desired language> on its own.

Our language learning CDs act simply as learning aids, which means that while they will not help you learn the language on its own, they will enhance the rate at which you are learning, and processing the language. You do still need to take classes or study the language in some way, but it will align your mind so that you can absorb the information easier.

We have had a lot of comments from people saying it has improved their retention rate, their focus while studying, their understanding, and even their enjoyment of learning various languages. Here is a full testimonial we have received from someone using our subliminal French CD:

Your subliminal language learning aid has been brilliant! It has really helped me and my wife pick up some French quickly, just in time for a month abroad. We found we were able to communicate and understand much better than ever before! Thanks!

Doug, Brighton – UK

Of course, the albums have different results for everyone, and we generally recommend using the album once per day for a period of 2-4 weeks if possible, but yes you can enhance your rate of learning a language with subliminal messages!

I hope this mini article helps to clear up any questions you have about  but if you do still have questions then we are always happy to help. We have over 30 albums for different languages so check out our full range of subliminal language learning albums today and enhance your studies.