Feb 132009


Occasionally we get an email from someone who is experiencing a strong reaction to our albums – well, not really occasionally, but we have had aprox 3-4 people contact us in the last year with things such as dizziness, drowsiness, and even brief feelings of disorientation.

If you are experiencing such symptoms then it may be one of 2 things:

  1. Perhaps that you are not best suited to subliminals, they may clash with how your brain is wired, or they may just be too strong a development tool for you and you may want to look for an alternative method which doesn’t directly target your subconscious mind in this way.
  2. However, it may be that the album is really having an effect on you – that the messages are exactly what you need and they are going “head to head” to replace your existing negative thoughts and beliefs.

Either way you should proceed to listen, but perhaps not to the whole album in one sitting, just take it gently and listen to one or two tracks.

If the latter is the case then after a while you should feel less dizzy as the album starts to finally replace these negative beliefs and as you start to notice improvements in your life – once it has cleared out the bulk of the resistence then the album should work as normal, and you will probably feel a whole lot better, and as if you have taken a large step towards overcoming your problem.

We always love to hear about your experiences – every person so far who has contacted us with a slight negative reaction has after a couple of days eliminated this reaction and experienced amazing results with their albums. If you can relate to this then we would love to hear your story too – hearing such stories is the biggest reward of being in our business.