Mar 262009


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At the minute they are giving away their “Deep Calm” mp3 album – an album made exclusively to give people a taste of subliminal messaging.

The purpose of these free subliminal messages is to let you try this concept first hand without any investment required, and completely risk free – there literally is no catch. A lot of people are skeptical about trying subliminal messaging at first as the concept seems quite abstract. I.e. that you can learn something or make personal improvements without any physical action – basically just by sending messages into your subconscious mind.

This may seem unlikely but our subconscious mind is an extremely powerful machine and is capable of observing information and stimuli which we can not consciously comprehend. Our subconscious minds are doing this all day long, every day:

  • We get a song stuck in our head after leaving a shop even though we were not overly aware of it playing on the radio.
  • We hear our name called when a mother shouts at her child in the street who shares our name
  • Sometimes we seem to have a “lucky guess”, but in actuality we have heard the answer previously, but only on the very edge of our consciousness.

Subliminal messaging works in the same way, it sends information to you without you being fully aware of it. So instead of taking in information randomly you are sending yourself specific and beneficial information to help you develop.

This isn’t magic!

It is more gradual in most cases (although some see results straight away – especially with the free Deep Calm album), but if you use them consistently in your everyday life you will notice changes over a period of time. Once you have familiarised yourself with the Deep Calm album there are hundreds of unique albums which cater for almost anything you want to progress with – from learning languages, to improving confidence, or curing phobias and even sexual problems.

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