Jul 192009

It has been over 2 months now since we released our new line of addiction treatment subliminal mp3s. They had a really positive response, and already we are getting some great feedback from them.

Here is the story of David from Florida who has allowed us to share his experience:

For more than 25 years I have been addicted to cocaine. I had one seven month clean period during all that time during which I was attending NA. I had tried everything possible to shed this addiction to no avail. Last May I decided to order a CD which used hypnosis as a means of cure, however, the lady was English and I had a hard time understanding her accent even though I can easily go into a hypnotic trance. She also suggested mind-out-of body experiences which is contrary to my religious beliefs. After doing some surfing on Ebay and on the Internet, I came across subliminal messaging and your web site.

Having nothing to lose, I ordered the subliminal album entitled “Cocaine Addiction Treatment” I convinced myself that this had to and would work. I own a limousine service and am on call 24/7, hence I take many naps. Every night I fall asleep while listening to this CD and also when I am napping at home. This is infinitely easier than trying to go into a hypnotic trance and the sounds are SO soothing that I would be happy to listen to it even if it did not work. Amazingly, I have 21 straight days clean now!!!!!

For me, this is unbelievable and using cocaine does not even enter my mind now. If it were free, and I spent tens of thousands of dollars, I would be uninterested. I no longer can remember the good part about using, only the bad.
(David F, Florida, USA)

It is important to note that this album does not work by magic. If you buy someone who enjoys their addiction and has no intention to stop this CD then they will likely not get much from it. It is intended for personal use – for people who are really serious about their cocaine addiction, and really want to overcome it. View our cocaine addiction treatment album here and make a positive change in your life today.