Jul 142009

Skin problems affect most of us at some point in our lives and can be distressing, embarrassing and leave us wondering how to get clear skin in a short amount of time. But whatever skin problem you may face, whether it is acne, dry skin or something similar, there is always a way of treatment, which is usually simpler than you may expect.

For dry skin, especially on the face, the use of soap must be cut out completely as it can strip skin of the essential moisture it needs. Instead, try using a mild cleanser which remove only oils and surface dirt and leave behind the necessary moisture. By doing this twice daily and applying moisturiser straight afterwards, as well as drinking the recommended amount of two litres of water daily, skin will soon be drastically replenished and healthy looking.

Occasional spots and blackheads can be removed with a simple daily skincare and cleansing ritual. By using a serum after washing on a morning, surface oil is removed and less is produced throughout the day, which minimises the amount of pores which become blocked leading to spots and imperfections. Weekly exfoliation can also help, especially with blackheads, by removing impurities from pores which are already blocked making it less likely to develop into a blemish.

However, if you are an acne sufferer and wonder how to get clear skin, the above techniques may not be as effective. It is usually best to seek medication from a doctor, which can seal skin without using a serum, as acne usually involves spots with infections. Also, washing the affected area up to six times a day with pure water can help remove surface bacteria without drying out skin.

Getting rid of skin problems involves a strict daily ritual which can be difficult to follow as it involves a lot of effort. Subliminal messaging can help with this as our specially designed natural acne treatment CD retrains your mind to stop spots at the source and help you drink enough water and eat the right foods for skin to reach its optimum. Most importantly, it will solve your question of how to get clear skin.