May 112009
Nerve cells in your brain

Nerve cells in your brain

Subliminal messages seems to be the new Internet buzzword at the minute. This refers to the practice of using subliminal power for personal development – To rewire your mind; remove limiting beliefs and expel negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and life enhancing self beliefs.

Everything starts in your mind. Your mind shapes the way you see the world, from how you interact with other people, to your levels of confidence, motivation, and drive. Here is a quote from Henry Ford – the founder of the Ford motor company:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

This refers to a self fulfilling prophecy, between your mind, confidence and beliefs and what will happen in reality. For example if you think your crush will laugh at you if you ask them out then your body language will reflect this, you will appear nervous and unconfident.

These are not attractive qualities, so your crush probably will reject you…. But what would happen if you believed that they would say yes, if you felt you deserved to be with your crush, and could even visualise the two of you together. You be more confident, smile more, and relax around them, and this would lead to a much better reaction.


How Can Subliminal Power Help?

Not just in a situation of asking your crush on a date, but in almost any situation where you have a lack of confidence, or even a deeper fear about an activity. Subliminal messages will help you become more confident, self assured, comfortable in your own skin.

In fact they can do much more – they can help with phobias, improve health conditions, boost your sports performance, help your ability to learn… the list is endless!

These subliminal power messages work by sending positive statements into your mind in a focused way. So if you have confidence problems then the messages would all be positively related to how confident you are, and feel. It may sound simple, but these messages will enter your mind without your knowledge (hence why they are subliminal – you will never hear them).

Your mind can not contradict itself, it can not believe in two opposites at the same time. So if you have negative beliefs about your confidence it will be your reality – you will be an unconfident person.

However with the use of subliminal messaging cds or mp3s your mind will be flooded with positive statements and beliefs, and as they go directly into your subconscious mind your mind will start to believe them. And in time these beliefs will go stronger and spill over into your every day life, completely replacing your old limiting beliefs.

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