May 172009

Silent subliminals are the newest trend in subliminal messaging – that is for personal development and self help.

Regular subliminal messaging albums typically contain relaxing nature sounds with hidden subliminal messages behind them. These messages enter your brain without you noticing, or any conscious effort required. They can develop areas of your personality where you hold negative self beliefs and replace these thoughts for positive ones.

In the last 5-10 years subliminal messaging has really grown in popularity. And this new trend for silent subliminal messages is market driven. Often people use the albums at home while relaxing. However because a deep trance like state is not required as it is with hypnosis you can use them while exercising, working, or doing your homework for example.

The idea behind the silent track takes this one step further. People wanted to take their subliminal messages with them everywhere, but sometimes it just isn’t practical to be listening to ocean sounds or nature music. If the track is completely silent it can be played continuously. It can be played in the office, while cycling to work, and is very effective while sleeping if you are someone who likes a quiet atmosphere.

Now here is an explanation of the technical side and how they are made, and how they are different from regular subliminal tracks:

The whole track is basically completely silent. It  does not contain any relaxing sounds. However it still has the same subliminal messages which the regular tracks would. You might bas asking how is this possible, but it is really simple. The track is made in exactly the same way – the subliminal messages are recorded and moved to a higher sound frequency. However, instead of merging these messages with a backing track of relaxing music the music simply isn’t added.

All of our albums come with a silent track. There are 4 tracks in total and the 4th one contains the “silent subliminals“. It contains some of the key subliminal messages from across the first 3 tracks – but not all of them. So effectively the whole album is contained within the first 3 tracks, and we do still recommend listening to the whole album to get the entire intended benefit. The 4th track is simply a bonus.