Apr 032009


Is it really possible to develop charisma with subliminal messages?

That is exactly what our new album aptly entitled Develop Charisma is all about, but it isn’t a miracle cure for social awkwardness, nor is it instant. Here we will discuss how the album works, and how it doesn’t, and most importantly how you can use it to develop your charisma.

This album, like our others works by sending subliminal messages deep into your subconscious mind without your awareness. So you will not hear the messages, but they will be decoded by your mind. They will gradually begin to eliminate any deep rooted fears, negative beliefs, or damaging thoughts which are holding you back from being the charismatic person you want to be.

Slowly you will feel your insecurities slipping away, and start to imagine yourself and see yourself as more charismatic. As you visualize yourself dominating conversations and having people hanging on your words, entertaining people, and generally having people enjoy their time with you then this is when the messages are starting to work.

They are slowly replacing the thoughts in your mind with positive thoughts and beliefs to turn you into this charismatic person – the person you can see as yourself in the future. This all sounds fantastic right? But we want to be as honest and down to earth as possible, and we must tell you that:

  • It is a more gradual effect rather than instant. You will not wake up feeling like a different person after just listening once
  • The effects do vary from one person to the next, some people experience amazing results in a short period of time, others wait longer before experiencing the benefits.
  • For some people the album will not work – yes that’s right, our current refund rate is less than 1% across our range of albums, and this is simply because not everyone is susceptible to subliminal messages.

If you understand the limitations but are open minded, and intuitive and want to give subliminal messaging a try then this album amy well be the change you need within your mind and set you off on a new direction of personal development, new found confidence, and turn you into that charismatic person!

Apr 012009


One of the most popular albums in our music range is our learn how to play guitar subliminal CD. In this article we hope to explain exactly how it works and how it can be used to enhance your guitar playing ability.

The first thing to note is that the learn guitar CD acts simply as a learning aid, which means that while it will not help you learn to play the guitar on its own – it is essential that you practice on your own or take lessons still. It simply enhances the rate at which you will learn, and makes it easier for your brain to process this type of musical information.

Where subliminal learning is concerned there are 2 types of approaches:

  1. Where information about the subject is included subliminally i.e. in this case it would be musical information such as chords / note structure. With language learning it is commonly words and phrases in the foreign language. The idea here is to reinforce the learning and aid memory.
  2. Where no subject information is included, but the subliminal messages are designed to aid your ability to learn. To make you focus on your practice, increase your motivation, and absorb musical based information easier.

Our albums take this second approach – in fact this is how all of our albums work. The reason for this is because although results with the first method can be excellent, they can also be very inconsistent. It depends upon the existing skill of the player in the first place, and for many people they don’t receive the benefit.

With our albums we admit that not everyone will experience the amazing results they want straight away, and the effect is gradual. But our albums have a higher success rate and although they won’t teach you to play the guitar overnight they will enhance your ability to learn and advance – NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU CURRENTLY ARE.

We get comments all the time from people saying our albums have enhanced their playing, and given them a new love for playing and practicing, as well as boosting their retention rate and ability to comprehend new information.

If you too have experienced success with our learn guitar CD or any other of our albums then please contact us – we would love to hear from you, it’s why we started our business.