Jul 152009

Caring what people think is one of the biggest setbacks some of us can endure. Whether it is the worry of what people think of the jobs we choose, the people we see and what risks we take can greatly affect us. To survive it is essential to care and know what people think of us as it is human nature, however this can be reduced by following our how to stop caring what others think advice:

  • Try not to be paranoid about people judging you as chances are that they aren’t. Others do not believe that the world revolves around you so will probably not judge you.
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself and people who treat you well and respect you as a person. By doing this and hearing good things about yourself you begin to believe them, especially if they come from somebody you trust. Avoid people who treat you badly as this can seriously lower self esteem and contribute to making you feel worthless.
  • Take up a hobby which you feel you will enjoy as you will meet people there with the same interests as you. If somebody is similar to you, it is most likely that they will think positive thoughts about you. Joining a class is the best way to meet like-minded people and improve skills at the same time.
  • Possibly the best point in our how to stop caring what others think advice is gaining the ability to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. By doing this you are able to correctly assess what you want out of life, gain the realisation that nobody is perfect and accepting yourself as you are.

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Jul 092009

Many millions of people throughout the world are sufferers of social anxiety. This can involve a fear of crowds or in extreme cases all unknown people in general. This serious condition can cause people to be housebound if not dealt with. However, by following simple steps when feeling especially vulnerable can allow people to overcome social anxiety for good.

  • By gradually familiarising yourself with the local environment it is possible to exceed your boundaries a little every day if you feel you cannot go far. If you feel this is impossible begin simply with the garden gate and go one step further every day until you reach the end of the road and can feel the achievement from this.
  • If you find you do not feel safe in certain situations when surrounded by many people, take a trusted friend or relative with you to allow a feeling of safety. By remembering you are not in this situation alone this can make it easier to deal with, especially if it is a necessity to go somewhere.
  • One of the best ways to overcome social anxiety is increasing your ability to deal with strangers. Simply by saying hello to a neighbour in the street can make the world of difference. Asking a complete stranger the time will only take ten seconds at most yet can improve your confidence greatly. Make a goal of speaking to at least one new person every day.
  • Take up a new class in order to make new friends and gain confidence. It may take a while to build up the initial confidence to attend, but the first week will always be the hardest and you can be assured that it will become easier as time goes on.

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Jun 122009

The art of attracting males is not as simple as it may seem. Some people seem to have a natural gift and do not need to learn to attract men, whether through looks or personality, whereas for most this is not so simple. However, help is at hand as in the 21st century, attracting men has never been easier, even for those whom it does not come naturally to. Real Subliminal have compiled our favourite tips in order to help you do this:

  • The first thing a man tends to notice is your looks. As all men have completely different preferences when it comes to beauty you will always be able to find a man who likes what you have to offer. In order to enhance your natural beauty pick out your 5 favourite features and choose a hairstyle, clothes or makeup in order to enhance these. For instance, if you think your eyes are your best feature, a new eye shadow or mascara can develop them further in order for a male to have more chance of noticing them.
  • Confidence to talk to a man is always a good quality to have and in order to learn to attract men you need to develop this. Simply asking for the time can lead to many further conversations and even love. Just remember to act naturally and as you normally would among people you know so the wrong impression is not given off. However, too much confidence can be seen as egoistic, self-centred and even inconsiderate, so it’s important to get the balance right.
  • However, in recent surveys, men have rated the top attraction point as a sense of humour. Even if you are not usually good at telling jokes, this can still be used to your advantage. By learning a few short jokes or witty statements off by heart which can easily be thrown into many conversations, you come across as having a decent sense of humour which a man will easily remember you by.

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