Jan 272009

a confident handshake

Improve Your Posture

People with no confidence can be spotted a mile off due to the way they carry themselves – they have no sense of self importance.

Make sure you carry yourself properly and you will feel 100x more confident, and people will notice too!

Walk Like You’re Confident

People who are confident walk faster and more energetically: they feel important enough that their time is precious – they hurry from place to place. They have people to meet, places to go to and  a full agenda.

Even if you aren’t really in a rush adding a little pace to your walking will make you feel more purposeful and keep you thinking fast and on your toes.

Advertise Yourself

Confident people are not afraid to tell you about their achievements – there is a difference between being proud of your acomplishments and boasting so don’t over do it, but confident people live for success and are reward themselves for it – Don’t be afraid to sing about your successes either.<>/p

Be Grateful

Always focus on what have, the positive sides of your life, your skills, and the things you are good at. This is a simple form of positive thinking, and it will help you to advance towards even more of the same rather than dwelling on your negatives.

Compliment Others

Never engage in badmouthing other people – confident people don’t need to criticise other people to make themselves look good – a truly confident person can compliment other people and still shine. Also when you look for the good in others, you’ll gradually be able to see the good points in yourself too.

Speak Up

Project your voice and make yourself heard – confident people like the sound of their voice and they are not shy from voicing their opinion for other people to hear.


Work out a few times a week – you will have more energy and you will feel better about yourself – you will feel good and look good and have a higher sense of self pride.

Subliminal Messaging

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