Dec 232008

The holidays are here and we’ve been looking for Christmas subliminals for you.

Here is a christmas tree subliminal “test” that was posted to youtube. We are not allowed to embed this one, but here is the link:

…. Quite a tricky one, but if you know the message post a comment and we will reveal the answer there in a few days time too.

Dec 072008

Here is a video of a tv advert KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) aired with a subliminal message in it.

The video wasn’t taken by us, but it is filed at home; in effect filming the tv as the advert plays, so it is unedited and genunine:

Clearly KFC want you to think there is money in your chicken sandwich… but why?

… Well, advertisers will do anything to help an advert stand out, and linking the advert in your mind with powerful emotional triggers such as sex, or in this case money can often be the extra ingredient to make the advert more memorable.

Advertisers are using these techniques all the time, so why don’t you too – but not for manipulating people, but your own personal development! We are the leaders in subliminal audio and have over 200, powerfull, professionally produced subliminal messaging mp3s – so whatever your development needs we have the album for you!

Nov 072008

Okay, so this guy has waaaay too much time on his hands (and he goes very deep into some things :)), but watch this video he has made on the subliminal messages in the Disney movie “Beauty And The Beast”. He highlights all the instances in the movie where the animators have hidden the words “sex” within the animation / background.

One or 2 instances may be dismissed as a coincidence, but he has managed to highlight over 9 minutes worth of messages, suggestions, imagery, and symbols… Disney is infamous for including subliminal messages in their work, and Beauty and The Beast looks full of them as usual. Someone watching on youtube has made the following comment:

my whole family used to be in animation and they did this stuff all the time. Besides that, your analysis was really reaching…

Oct 122008

If you haven’t seen this video already watch it now, it is unmissable – watch it again even if you’ve seen it! We truly believe that there can be no success without failure. This short video outlines some of the most successful people in modern history, and their previous failures which spurred them on to ENORMOUS success.

“With each experience of failure is planted the seed of equivilent success” (Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich)