Dec 072008

Here is a video of a tv advert KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) aired with a subliminal message in it.

The video wasn’t taken by us, but it is filed at home; in effect filming the tv as the advert plays, so it is unedited and genunine:

Clearly KFC want you to think there is money in your chicken sandwich… but why?

… Well, advertisers will do anything to help an advert stand out, and linking the advert in your mind with powerful emotional triggers such as sex, or in this case money can often be the extra ingredient to make the advert more memorable.

Advertisers are using these techniques all the time, so why don’t you too – but not for manipulating people, but your own personal development! We are the leaders in subliminal audio and have over 200, powerfull, professionally produced subliminal messaging mp3s – so whatever your development needs we have the album for you!