Aug 182011

Everyone is talking about hypnosis, and it is becoming more and more popular as a way to change naturally.

Hypnosis is now established i.e. a way to gain access to your mind and reprogram your limiting and negative beliefs, a tool you can use to eliminate these negativities and change for the better.

Hypnosis is a simple tool really, and is often way over mystified. All it really does is put you into a deeply relaxed and susceptible state, where suggestions can easily be made to you which you will accept without resistance.

It is because of this that you can make changes more naturally – as your logical, conscious, and often negative mind lets it’s guard down, and so you can make changes on a deeper level.

Hypnosis works in two major ways:

Firstly self-hypnosis will penetrate into your mind to transform your patterns of thinking. This always varies depending on area you’re pursuing, whether it be weight loss or self-assurance for example. Hypnotherapy would look at exactly how you think about healthy eating, staying on a diet exercising, or meeting new people, socializing and so on.|tap into exactly how you think when you think about training, or enjoying healthy food, or how you really feel when you think about having to meet a new group of people.

It mainly recognizes and then alters these bad thinking patterns for beneficial ones – for example, if you see exercising and healthy eating as a drag, it will rewire your perspective to start to enjoy exercising, and to picture all of the advantages of healthy food. Or if you worry about social situations, then it would instil within you positive patterns of thinking in this subject – in order that you start looking forward to socializing, and make use of a state of mind where you enjoy meeting and learning new things about new individuals.

It is in this way that your conduct starts to alter. However, the 2nd element is essential for deeper, and true, sustained change:

The second way hypnotherapy helps is by changing your core beliefs.

For example, it aims to replace the negative self beliefs, beliefs which hold you back from authentic change, for positive ones. It will make you more positive, more confident, and make sure that you truly feel like you are really capable of change, like you can improve yourself and most importantly, that you DESERVE change.

Once you have these core self beliefs, this natural self assurance, and belief in yourself, then real, lasting change will be possible.

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