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This article gives an overview of the various disney subliminal messages but first of all it is important to have a basic understanding of subliminal messaging, so:

The word subliminal literally means “below threshold”. to elaborate on this it means that you are not aware of the message – it is below the threshold of your cocnscious perception. However you will still take the message in on some level as your subconscious mind processes it and stores this information still. Subliminal messaging therefore refers to the action of sending a suggestion directly into the subconscious mind.

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Are there subliminal messages in Disney movies?

Yes, absoloutely!

Disney is notorious for using subliminal messages across its short animations, Tv series and movies. In fact it’s a tradition of studio and they use both subliminal and consciously visable subtle suggestions. it has got to just the point that when a new Disney films come out, subliminal message hunters compete to find the messages in these movies and post them on youtube and various blogs around the internet.

So Which Disney films use subliminal messages?

Lol, almost all of them!

The practice of including hidden messages goes right back to the early mickey mouse goofy short movie animations. it stated decades ago, and nearly all of their movies contain subliminal references to adult words, and even images. Here is a quick run down of some of the more popular subliminal suggestions which have been found across Disney’s portfolio:

Here’s a quick run-down:

The Little Mermaid

At the start of the movie when King Triton swoops down over the people, you can see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy among the crowd.

There is also some suggestion that in the scene where Eric and Ursula are about to get married, the priest has an erection. However, there is equally as much suggestion that in fact what can be seen is merely his knee (this too has been edited out for modern DVD release):


On the subject of disney hidden messages and hidden erotica in Disney movies, we should mention the cover art for The Little Mermaid. Many people have commented that the tower looks rather phallic! The artist apparently fully intended for the tower to look like a penis, although when he had finished the cover, he realised that it was actually a bit too obvious. The artwork was sent for approval with the assumption that some changes would be required, but no such request was ever made and so the cover was released with a not-very-hidden phallus on it:



For a video on all of the little mermaid subliminal messages then follow our link.

The Rescuers

Features two frames of an actual topless model. They are in the scene when Bernard and Bianca fly through the city – you can briefly see her in a window in the background if you freeze the frame:


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There is a distinctly  shot of Jessica Rabbit jumping out of a Taxi -and the subliminal image only lasts a couple of frames – but her skirt is open and it shows a nude womans legs open for just a second:


Also later in the film the home phone number of Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner appears on a wall – but this has apparantly been edited out of modern DVD releases.


On the scene where Aladin is trying to reach Jasmin outside her balcony you can hear Aladdin say “Good teenagers take off your clothes” quite quickly. You can watch these Aladdin subliminal messages here.

The Lion King

In the scene where Simba remembers his father on a cliff top the word “SEX” is  formed in the clouds above his head:


This is only the tip of the iceberg though in the Lion king subliminal saga – there are countless examples, hidden in the background, the animation, the word sex appears in nearly every scene – all subliminally of course – but to the trained eye they can be found. View our lion king subliminal messages video for the whole story.


There are references to the word “Sex” all throughout this movie, it can be seen spelled out in a lot of the background images all throughout the movie.

For a full video review follow our link to the pocahontas subliminal messages post.

Why can’t I find  these hidden messages on my DVDs??

Whilst Disney  let many hidden messages go unchallenged in the cinema, however as controversy built and the messages were found by the pbulic they had to remove some of them for VHS and DVD releases.

Can I Use Subliminals Myself?

Yes you can, they are controversial when used in advertising / movies to influence other people, but they are an amazing personal development tool – you can use them to reprogram your mind in whatever area you like, so instead of being manipulated by the movie studios and advertising executives you can send specific positive messages to yourself to improve your life.

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