May 052009


It is an age old question; “how to attract money“, but more recently with the international success of movies such as The Secret and Abraham Hick’s writings on the Law of Attraction people want to know how they can use these principles to attract money into their lives.

Well the law of attraction is something which is easily misused and misunderstood, but here are 6 easy principles to use the law of attraction to attract money to you.

  • Know what you want. It isn’t enough to think you want something. Make a real commitment in your mind and know what you want. So with regards to money – put a figure on it. Don’t just say to yourself that you want money. Give it a specific value. Wrong: I will attract money into my life. Right: I will attract $100,000 into my life.
  • Visualize it. Visualization is a very powerful tool. Visualize yourself living a lifestyle of money in abundance. make it real in your mind’s eye so you really experience the feelings of excitement, safety, joy and freedom that having an abundance of money will bring to you. The more you visualize every little detail rather than just an image of a cheque for example, then the more powerful it will be.
  • Follow Intuition. If you do the same things you will get the same results. If you want to make changes in your life then follow your intuition. Once you really start using the law of attraction you may start to notice things, opportunities. These are signs and signals to follow, and if you want to learn how to attract money into your reality then that is exactly where these signals will lead.
  • Use Affirmations. Affirmations are one of the most basic tools that anyone can begin to use straight away to help make changes in their mind, and in their life. They work excellently with attraction principles to make you really focus on what you want. So draw up your own set of specific money attracting affirmations.
  • Eliminate Negativity. Listen to your inner voice and the way you talk to yourself, and the way you talk about money. Remove any negative terms and phrases from your vocabulary and only think positively about your future of financial success and prosperity. You can’t fully learn how to attract money if you are harboring negative thoughts
  • Subconscious Support. All of the above points are fantastic, but your success will be limited if you do not ensure that your subconscious thoughts are 100% behind you. This can be difficult to do as the nature of the subconscious is that you are not aware of it. However one way you can do this is with the use of subliminal messages – these subliminal messages go straight to your subconscious mind to remove any limiting beliefs, or conflicting thoughts. If you do this you are giving yourself the best possible chance of attracting money to you. View the Real Subliminal attract money cd to do exactly this.