Aug 062009

Charisma is a force that makes you want to listen to a speaker or pay more attention to a presentation. It’s a great help in many public roles, but also in everyday life. It will make people listen to what you have to say and take it on board, regardless of what you are talking about.

While it is true that some people just seem to be born with it, there are techniques that can teach you how to develop charisma, and are often followed even by those who appear to naturally exude it. These are the easy tips to developing charisma:

  • Always expect acceptance: if you always expect to be treated as an equal, chances are you will be.
  • Success is more about mental attitude than mental capability; remain optimistic about everything, and always wear a smile on your face.
  • Always think before you talk: think fast, but talk purposefully.
  • Slow down. Talking or moving too fast makes you look scared. Always speak or act purposefully, but do not dawdle.
  • Be aware of your appearance – looking professional is half the battle.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be bullied – if somebody criticises you, remain calm and ask why they believe that.
  • Posture is important: if you have correct posture, you will not only look more in control, but also feel more in control.
  • Look people in the eye – doing so will make you look more at ease and also give you more control over the situation.

If you find you need more help with putting these ideas into practice, subliminal messaging can be a great aid in teaching you how to develop charisma. Our develop charisma CD will help you to target your mind with positive suggestions, which will take root in your subconscious and spill over into your life.You will become naturally more charasmatic by eliminating the thoughts, worries, and behaviour patterns which hold you back.