May 032009


This is a quick article on improving time management. Time management and prioritizing is something that we all struggle with from time to time. However, this needn’t be the case!

Some people seemed blessed with the ability to manage their time effectively, however time control is actually a skill you can learn. You can change your habits so that you too can improve your time management skills.

Here are some physical things you can do to improve your time keeping:

  • Set the time on your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier. You will wake up working to a time deadline to get ready, but setting the time wrong tricks your mind into thinking you are late when you actually have some spare time. This even works after a while when you know it is the wrong time – it is still a psychological tool.
  • Set your watch 5 minutes early. Under the same vein as above this will help you if you are one of those people who are constantly late for appointments and meetings.
  • Reward Yourself. Set yourself time keeping goals, and rewards for if you stick to them. These can be as simple as having a cup of tea and a biscuit, to allowing yourself to treat yourself to a new shirt if you keep time on something more important.
  • See where you are wasting time. Do you spend too much time surfing the net, reading emails, or making personal phone calls? Make a timetable of your actions as you go about your day and you will soon see the unimportant activities which are costing you valuable time which could be spent elsewhere.
  • Outsource. If you can pass non critical tasks on to other people in your workplace this will free up your time. You should always be doing tasks which you are a specialist at, spend your time wisely doing what you are good at whenver possible
  • Set time limits. Set a limit for completing a task. If it isn’t done then move on to something else. You can always schedule more time for the unfinished task later. Just setting a deadline helps us work faster as we know we have to move on to something else.
  • Keep a Routine. When you do some tasks at the same time each day it becomes normal. You won’t procrastinate on them as it is normal for you to do them. You will also become better at them as you practice them day in day out, and this will save you time in the long run

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