Dec 292009

Win the lottery subliminal

For many years people have assumed that winning the lottery is a matter of pure luck or chance – that it is just a numbers game, and the luck of the draw…

However more recently with the growing popularity of principles of the law of attraction, cosmic ordering, and manifestation people have started approaching this in a different light.

The law of attraction states that “whatever we think about, and keep within our consciousness we attract and bring into our lives”. This is the case whether focusing on goals in our careers, education, or other personal goals, and according to teachings of “The Secret” and the law of attraction this line of thought can also be used to focus your mind and bring money into your life, influence random events – even things such as winning the lottery.

Gain An Advantage With Subliminal Messages!

This is why we have developed our win the lottery subliminal album. It works by these law of attraction principles – it aligns your subconscious mind to your conscious thoughts and goals of attracting money and winning the lottery. So with regular pursuit of the law of attraction you are focusing your conscious thoughts and consciously making an effort to think of money and the lottery. So when you use subliminal messages you are adding extra power to your manifestations by making sure your subconscious mind is aligned to your conscious thoughts too.

Without aligning your subconscious mind in some way to your conscious goals you might only get a little part of the result you want – this is the area that people neglect when pursuing the law of attraction, but if you do you leave deeply rooted negative thoughts, or you hold a lack of belief in the law of attraction which holds you back from achieving the result you want.

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Win the lottery subliminal