Aug 112009

It is important to realise that most people who fail with diets are the completely unprepared. It is easy to begin a diet but extremely difficult to stick to this consistently over long periods of time. However for those wishing to undergo serious weight loss we have compiled a perfect set of dieting tips in order to allow you lose as much weight as possible in the easiest, healthiest way possible.

By deciding what your target for the end of your diet is, you now have something you are able to strive towards. Make a serious note not to give up until you reach this. It is inevitable that you will have bad days or even weeks and willpower is needed in order to overcome these and try again.

  • Set yourself a number of weekly calories and stick to it. Write all food that is consumed down and total this up at the end of each day. Don’t forget to treat yourself; you can easily do this by saving up a few calories from each day and rewarding yourself for your hard work with a favourite meal at the end of the week.
  • Make a timetable for daily exercise and set targets for this too. For instance, 4 hours exercise in a week. Don’t forget to reward yourself when these goals are achieved and when you reach them, set next weeks target slightly higher.
  • In order to achieve serious weight loss, you need to be honest with yourself with all aspects of eating and exercising. Trust yourself to write down the correct amount of calories eaten and exercise done. Remember to correctly measure alcohol drunk at home too, as this can be difficult to keep track of.

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