Oct 132008

In 1982 two Israeli psychologists conducted a study into subliminal messaging, by giving a maths test to groups of participants who had been exposed to subliminal messaging.

  • Two groups of10th graders was shown the subliminal messages “Mommy and I are one” or “My teacher and I are one” in Hebrew. The control group was shown a neutral message: “People are walking in the street”. These messages were played four times a week for a duration of 6 weeks.
  • At the end of the expiriments the results showed that the group who had been exposed to the messages “Mommy and I are one” scored better in the maths test than either of the other groups

Ariam and Siller reported that the message “Mommy and I are one” increased the students self-esteem and therefore increased their learning potential and ability.

In a follow up study the messages were actually revealed to the students – (making them “paraliminal” i.e. above the threshold of consciousness, rather than subliminal). Under these conditions where the students could clearly hear the messages the maths test results were consistent across the 3 groups – supporting the use of sending a subliminal message rather than a regular audible messsage.

(Ariam, S. and Siller, J. “Effects of Subliminal Oneness Stimuli in Hebrew on Academic Performance of Israeli High School Students. ” Journal of Abnormal Psychology (1982)

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