Oct 292008

Is it really possible to learn Spanish, or any other language subliminally?

Well, not entirely subliminally…

A learn Spanish Subliminal CD acts simply as a learning aid, which means that while it will not help you learn the language on its own, it will enhance the rate at which you are learning, and processing the language.

You will still need to take classes or study Spanish in some way, but it will align your mind so that you can absorb the information easier.

There really is no MAGIC PILL, even when subliminal messages are involved – they simply align your unconscious mind with your conscious thoughts so that you have a better chance of achieving your goal, and learning spanish subliminally is no different. It will help your memory, retention, pronunciation, and your reading, writing, and speaking skills – but the key word is HELP – you still have to study too.

We have had a lot of comments from people saying our language albums have improved their retention rate, their focus while studying, their understanding, and even their enjoyment of learning. Try our subliminal spanish album here.