Aug 142009

To some people, it may seem like there is a huge amount of effort involved in any social situation, particularly if it involves meeting new people. A shy person may often avoid such functions, though there is no reason why they should. Shyness may seem like an insurmountable obstacle sometimes, but there are ways to overcome shyness. Overcoming this is mostly about learning new habits to re-write the old, negative habits that are the hallmark of a shy person.

Here are some of the ways you can learn to overcome your own shyness:

  1. Join clubs and events that interest you: it is much easier to engage someone who has similar interests to you rather than total random strangers from all walks of life.
  2. Determine why you are shy: if you know the causes of your shyness, it becomes much easier to overcome it. Look for the underlying reason – if you can resolve this then all your troubles are over.
  3. Try to be approachable: if you smile and look friendly, it may be that you do not need to approach new people, as they will approach you.
  4. Behave as though you are confident: often, just acting this way will make you feel much more confident in yourself and is a key factor in overcoming shyness permanently. This is the old fake it till you make it approach
  5. Reduce your fear of rejection: if you imagine the worst possible scenario, you will always be pleasantly surprised, even if only by a lighter rejection than you’d imagined. Once you can imagine the worst case scenario decide if you can live with it if it does happen. If you decide you can then go ahead and take action

If, after these tips, you still need more ways to overcome shyness or just more help in implementing them in your life, try subliminal messaging. Our “overcome shyness” cd does exactly this. It is designed to implement these ideas in your subconscious, which will spill over into your conscious mind and make it so much easier to take these simple rules and implement them in your everyday life.