Aug 272009

Increasing your charisma may seem very difficult, but following these short steps make it much easier to create the atmosphere of a charismatic person. The question of how to increase charisma is not one of mental capability or a genetic trait, but something that you can in fact learn through using the techniques outlined in this short guide, and more. Some of the ideas in here may seem very simple, but each of them are important to increasing your charisma:

  • Be comfortable with yourself: if you are not comfortable with yourself, then others will sense this and be less comfortable with you. This is the essential first step, so learn to just be yourself. Master this before you try anything else.
  • Know your own weaknesses: if you are uncomfortable with large groups, try to engage people individually or in smaller groups. Also try to become more used to situations you don’t like by immersing yourself in them. If you enter into a social situation you are uncomfortable with a few times it will get easier and your confidence will grow.
  • Learn to listen: let the other person finish speaking without interrupting them. This will relax them and make them more comfortable around you. Once the other person feels comfortable with you they will give you the attention back. They will listen to your every word too.
  • Ask relevant questions: when listening, ask questions relevant to the person’s conversation, rather than relating it back to a personal experience straight away. People are interested in you when you are interested in them.

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