Jan 082009

new-year-fireworksIt is the 8th of January, I hope you have managed to keep your resolutions so far, but apparantly 95% of all resolutions are broken within 2 weeks of setting them, so here are 7 handy tips to help you stick to yours!

1. Write them down

If you haven’t already actually written them down then do so now – writing them down helps to make them real

2. Put them where you can see them

Following on, now pin your written list where you will see it regularly – on top of your computer monitor, on your fridge, on your bedside table etc – this helps to drill in your resolution and make sure your good intentions are on your mind regularly.

3. List the Benefits of sticking to them

Listing the positives you will gain from sticking to your resolutions will help you to stay motivated and focused.

4. Tell people

Telling people makes them more real, and it makes you accountable – you have a challenge to live up to.

5. Reward yourself

If your resolution is to lose weight then obviously don’t go and eat a full box of chocolates 🙂 But make sure you reward yourself at key milestones – whether it be 3 days, a week, two weeks, a month etc – reward yourself in a way which doesn’t contradict your resolution. We are more motivated by rewards and encouragement than by criticism or fear, so have a positive reward you can look forward to.

6. Break your goal down

If it is a big goal it might be easier to break it down into more managable chunks – this makes it seem more achievable. For example losing 3 stones of weight may take a long time, but if you set smaller weekly goals then you will accomplish them easier, and feel good and move on to the next goal, and eventually all your weekly goals will add up – before you know it you will of lost all the weight.

7. Visualize!

FInally, this will really help you – don’t just make your goal, but really spend some time visualizing the new you – whether you are breathing clean air and feeling healthy from not smoking, or you have a slimmer waistline, whatever your goal create a clear picture of yourself living the final outcome – this will help to “trick” your mind into thinking it has already happened, and if you do this regularly it will seem much more possible.

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