Dec 282008

law-of-attraction1. Focus ONLY on what you want – Get clear on what you want. Focus on the result you desire. Visualize in as fine a detail as possible and see yourself with the report you need, doing the activity you want to do, with the person you want to be with – Live it, eat it, breathe it, sleep it – whatever you focus on becomes your reality, so live it and bring it to life.

2. Believe Your Will Receive– Amp up the believability of getting this miracle by reviewing all the reasons you believe it’s possible.

3. Want it Now– Don’t procrastinate, focus on the present moment and bring your desire to you in real time – NOW.

4. Eliminate any limiting beliefs – Look deep within yourself and reveal your limiting beliefs. If you do not these will hold you back, even if they are buried deep within your subconscious mind. Just becoming aware of them is the first step to destroying them.

5. Know it is yours – Know that whatever you ask for is actually already yours – simply because you have asked for it. You are the master creator capable of having and even being anything that you desire. It is already yours – it was only waiting for you to ask

6. Use your intuition – Pay attention to your intuition, and your gut feeling. These will guide you to manifesting your wishes better than ANY other tool or advice you could ask for.

7. Take ACTION – Follow up on those intuitive hits by taking physical action towards your goals. Plan, strategize, but most importantly follow these plans through.

8. Feel good – Maintain a positive attitude and great vibrations. Take steps to feel positive as positivity breeds positivity, and will help you tenfold in your attraction attempts.

9. Persistence is key– NEVER give up! You willhave whatever you choose – it is only a matter of time until your wishes are manifest in your life. Many people give up just as the seeds are about to sprout, just as their efforts are growing under the surface and about to spill over into reality – be patient and keep using thw law of attraction, everything you ask of will eventually come true.

10. Let go of anyattachment – Release your attachment to the outcome as this may cause you to dwell on the possibility of NOT getting it – and if you do this then you will not get what you ask for – part of you will be attracting the same reality over and over where you do not posses the thing you are asking for.

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