Dec 092008

Yesterday’s article – How The Subconscious Mind Can Influence Our Consciousness – got me thinking, one line in particular, as I wrote it I wanted to make a whole new post expanding upon it – it was this line:

Whether real or imagined, true or false – your subconscious mind can influence you!

It got me thinking about “faking it till you make it”, which if we are honest is where we all start out at one point or another. In fact some of the most successful people in any industry started out with this mentality – they just KNEW they were going to be successful, and in their eyes they already were.

If you start doing this the lines will blur between faking it, and being successful, and eventually you will actually become successful.

It is really beneficial to think this way as it sets you up for success, it goes beyond wishful thinking, and sets the frame of mind that you are already successful.

business man & dollar symbolIf for example you want to fake it till you make it in the business world then you would say to yourself that you are already successful – you would think things about yourself such as – I am a successful businessman, I make my own money, I look for and setup successful new enterprises – in effect you are leapfrogging the learning stage. Eventually you will start to believe what you have been saying to yourself, and more and more you will start to think like a successful business man, walk like one, talk like one, and if you keep taking all of these steps then eventually those lines will blur and you will look back and realise that you are successful, that you are not pretending anymore.

If you fully immerse yourself in something and pursue it with a passion, then it is only a matter of time before you achieve some level of success in your field.

This fake it till you make it attitude can be realted to affirmations and subliminal messaging – simply repeating affirmations about yourself in a future perspective can get you started on your faking it till you make it path, and subliminal messaging cds are simply positive affirmations played subliminally – so that you can do other things or just relax while the messages go into your subconscious mind rather than standing infront of the mirror repeating affirmations.

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If you are still skeptical about faking it till you make it, check back tomorrow for a post about Stephen Speilberg and how he started out in showbusiness!