Oct 312008

This is a really quick and simple method you can use for motivation. It is a logical approach, and aims to rewire the way you feel about a difficult task.

Many people look at a difficult task and consider the bad elements of it, for example:
– Trying to lose weight, people will see the early morning gym sessions as a chore, and dread the low calorie diet they will have to consume.
– Setting up a business they will look at the risk involved, and the initial drop in pay from their regular job.

These types of thoughts are so common, but they are setting you up for failure.

The people who succeed take a VERY different viewpoint: They only consider the pleasure they will receive and not even think about possible negatives, so taking the above examples:
– They visualize the slim body at the end of their efforts, and how good they will feel about themselves.
– They think of the financial freedom, and their potential to make even more money in the long term.

You can see that although the above two people may want to achieve the same goal, the second person is much more likely to succeed, simply because of their beneficial frame of mind.

Next time you set a goal only think of the positives and focus on the outcome rather than the negatives or things that might be difficult.

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