Oct 302008

Tiger Wood’s father Earl Woods had a background of a degree in Psychology and Sociology, and also underwent military Special Forces training – he knew the power of the mind!

Earl was extremely influential in Tiger’s early life; he gave him the head-start he needed to be hugely successful in golf.

From a very young age Earl made his son watch motivational videos and coached him on how to keep his focus – even creating distractions while he was playing golf to test him!

When Tiger was only six years old he asked his father for a subliminal tape. Even at this young age Tiger knew the secret to success – that his mind must be trained to peak condition in order to become the greatest golfer in history.

He listened to the subliminal tape every day, feeding his mind a steady diet of positive affirmations. This helped him to align his mind to his goals, to focus on success, and block any negativity out of his mind.

It didn’t stop there, he also posted the affirmations to his bedroom wall. Both consciously and subconsciously he was receiving the same high quality affirmations – affirmations such as “My power is great”  “I smile at obstacles!”,” “I believe in me” “I focus and give it my all”. Before long all of these beliefs became deeply embedded in his subconscious mind. He really began to believe them, and this strong belief led him to make them a reality.

By the time he was in second grade, Tiger was known across the USA in the golfing world. Today he is regarded as the most highly skilled golfer who ever lived. However he is still humble, he has not abandoned the subliminal messages or the mind training. He also uses a lot of positive visualization – he always imagines the ball going down the hole. He pictures this and nothing else when he steps up to take a swing. No other mental images are allowed into his mind. He only focuses on success – and that is exactly what he gets!

Upon winning the Western Open in an interview with magazine USA TODAY he said “The biggest thing is to have the mind-set and the belief you can win every tournament going in”.

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