Oct 292008

What!? Negative thoughts!? β€œThis is INSANE!” I hear you say.
Wait wait wait, just hear me out πŸ™‚

We strongly believe in the power of positive thoughts – to only think of the positive, and always focus on your goals, always focus on the end result you want rather than getting bogged down with the day to day tasks etc.

However sometimes negativity is hard to avoid, and if you are not careful it can be very powerful and override the positive thinking you were doing – it is a very strong emotion.

However, you can use the power of negativity to your advantage! Next time you are feeling mixed emotions about a tough task and need to get motivated try this:

Write down the pleasure you associate with the task, but also the PAIN you would experience if you did not do it.

The idea here is to fire up your emotions, to drive you to take action. We are all motivated easier by the fear of loss, than the prospect of gain. So if you are about to skip on the gym think of the belly and the fat you will put on if you do not act. If you see an attractive woman, then imagine the pleasure of being with her, but also the lousy feeling of not daring to go and talk to her.

This technique will give you a temporary boost of more than DOUBLE the amount of logically seeing the benefit of doing the task!