Oct 242008
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Do you ever feel like you are on fire? You feel are unstoppable, like a whole new person, destined for success?

We all have these moments from time to time – perhaps you have just seen a motivational video, read a “life changing book”, of thought of an amazing idea – in these moments we are unstoppable. We have great intentions; we start that diet, or look into the new business with passion.

…However, something always seems to happen, reality sets in, and the power you felt inside melts away 🙁

If only you could keep this intense feeling, this burning drive, excitement, and passion for the long term, to stick to the diet, carry out your new plan, or fully set up that business idea…

Well Im going to give you a quick technique to help you to do exactly that!

You see, when “reality sets back in” and you lose your drive and excitement, there hasn’t actually been a physical / environmental change, the only change has been within your mind.

Now, most people walk around in a daze, they probably know the Subway menu or the HBO TV listings better than they know how to control their own minds! But the truth is that taking control of your mind can be really simple, and once you can do this you can get yourself back into that powerful state WHENEVER YOU NEED TO – a state where you are unstoppable, passionate, and really get things done.

This state of mind comes naturally to the sort of people who succeed at whatever discipline they set their minds to – successful businessmen, distinguished academics, star sports players, and celebrities – they naturally have the “fire” – this burning motivation.

You too can aquite this FIRE, here is a REALLY SIMPLE technique you can use to develop or bring back this INNER FIRE when you need it most:

The next time you feel motivated or inspired create yourself an “anchor”. The simplest way to do this is to pinch your finger with your nail at the peak of your motivation. Each time you feel inspired repeat it to cement the association between feeling driven and unstoppable to the act of pinching your finger.

This means that when your motivation dies, and you are on the edge of giving up and going back to your old ways you can pinch your finger, and your associated thoughts of drive, and inspiration will come flooding back to keep you on track.

This technique can be applied and used in just a few minutes, give it a try, let us know exactly what you anchored and how you got on, leave a comment below, and feel free to ask us any questions!

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