Oct 262008

There has been a lot of controvosy about subliminal messages in the past – espeically in the 1970s when some of the first research was conducted in to subliminal messaging in advertising.

It was around this time when legislation was brought in to place to ban the use of subliminal messages in advertising. This was backed by all the major media networks, and tv stations which still stands today.

The use of hidden subliminal messages either visual our audio is BANNED within motion picture / TV adverts.

What this means is that companies are not allowed to use text that flashes faster than the eye can see, nor are they allowed to manipulate voice and move it to a frequency which can not be heard by the human ear.

This is simply because subliminal research showed there was an influence which led to an increase in buying behaviour when subliminal messages were used. The most famous of these studies was James Vicary’s movie theatre subliminal research.


Although they may be banned for use my corporations within advertising they are safe to use, and completely legal for PERSONAL USE.

You can use subliminal programs, cds, and mp3s for your own personal development – so instead of using the messages to manipulate others and get them to buy your product you are using them on your own mind, with specific and focussed messages to enhance your mind and give you an advantage to achieve your goals.

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